3.21.2 Hotfix

Since the latest hotfix the game felt a bit better.
Still its a big difference compared to how the game ran before.

If there would be an option to keep the old CPU based performance mode as an option that would be the best outcome for many (since I don't know if its even possible to make up the gap here) - Have the GPU based load for people that wish to run that (I know this will take more time/effort/money to have but it sure is an option to consider)

For example GGG could also have an SD client for older pcs and a HD client for the new graphics, again not the cheapest option but for the longer run this is a positive for sure (You can look at how Wargaming did it with WoT Pc)
Didn't do anything.

CPU seems to be working 200% harder than 3.21.1 and my GPU isn't being utilized much. Shader is constantly maxed out, everything has microstutters (swapping stash tabs, opening the skill tree, opening atlas tree), as well as the game turns into a fiesta of rapidly blinking assets, and my UI turned invisible and my flasks lost their art after half of a map. Dynamic Culling & Resolution Downscaling still not working.

Game was working flawlessly for me in 3.21.1, better than it ever ran before. Was playing on Vulkan but all 3 API run horrible now.

VRAM usage seems to ever hardly go over 1GB even though it is a 4GB card. For reference, I was considered "CPU-bound" before, so I expected better performance and it's worse in every metric.
The CPU temps are getting so hot that my fans spin at ridiculously loud speeds, physically cannot play the game, so I won't even try.

Ryzen 3 2200G
Nvidia GTX 1050ti
8GB RAM DDR3 XMP'd to 2133 Mhz
Samsung 870 EVO SSD

3.21.2 CPU Stutters:

3.21.1 No Issues:
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Thanks! Now it's playable...
No crashing during white maps.

Though my CPU and GPU still runs very hot compared to before.
At least now i can continue to run my white maps

Ryzen 5800H
RTX 3060

And after patch game is not work anymore.
Does anyone meet a problem in stem on mac "disk write error"? Rebooting didn't help. The solution is uninstall the game and install it. But i dont want to download 35gb again. Did any one meet this problem to?

"Unscheduled (1) SNICE CRUCIBL Path of Exile 21.4 MB / 21.4 MB DISK WRITE ERROR"
Didn't fix anything for me. Game FPS and performance still a stutter/lag fest with frames dropping down to 3-7 fps constantly
nothing has changed at all, you shit there so much that there is not enough hotfix
Plays flawlessly on my machine in 4k
Game unplayable, after fix patch loop not working multithreading. if multithreading on crash on load game map, if off game still random crash and working very slow, lags, glitches. Before patch can normal play.

MacPro 5.1 - Steam
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