3.21.2 Hotfix

Maybe.. Let's chill out for a bit then and see what it does.
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Davius86 wrote:
Maybe.. Let's chill out for a bit then and see what it does.

Maybe let's not chill! ;-)

That patch notes make zero mention of graphics issues.

Why are they pushing a patch not related to this mess in the middle of this mess? Probably because they don't really care about the mess they created.

Chris and company are rich. They obviously don't care any more.
Only played half an hour or so, as a kind of nightcap, but.. so far, so good.

On the F1 settings: MS is now 28 (give or take), FPS 38, almost touching 40. The CPU still does 13 MS. 71 GB memory (that's all of the game assets, right?) and another 20 GB VRAM.

One noteworthy change: closing the game always produced an error. "POE was closed unexpectedly". Not this time. So, progress.
revalk1971 wrote:
71 GB memory (that's all of the game assets, right?) and another 20 GB VRAM.

what kind of numbers are these? lol
patch server issues? was getting some sort of SSL connect error to patch.poecdn.com

it's not a certificate issue is it?
I did a post on bug report about it. Got information about my PC there.
The game was working just fine before.
Please, remove this update. Did nothing but get me and all my friends to stop playing.

Edit: this forum reply got duplicate. don't know how to delete.
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N4mex wrote:

thanks lad.

I have been looking at posts by people for whom it works like it does for me here and on reddit and what has been the most common point I think is using the Vulkan renderer. Just my observation based on those few who do post their specs and say it's working well for them and whose posts I did notice and read.
Not sure for you guys but for me it's now resolved.. And dropped a div in first test run.

So yhea, speaking for myself, thanks GGG to have fixed it. Still, suggestion here is to hire a communication manager that will improve the communication level so the customers will be less left in the dark while fixes are prepared. Just a normal respect thing towards the people who makes your company profitable.
3.21.2 Hotfix

Further improved particle system performance.
Fixed a bug where some effects were not displaying on their first use.
Fixed 3 client crashes.

You will need to restart your client to apply this patch.

The game crashed and installed this midrun with no prompt, notice, or filesize. So that was a lie.

I give up yall never listen to anyone.
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I played for several hours yesterday and would still randomly have long load times but not always. A couple times the game completely froze and like it was trying to catch up then just go again.

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