3.21.2 Hotfix

Nothing has changed with the recent patches.
The game's performance is a total mess since yesterday.

It takes one minute in each areas with 90% CPU load until it cools down to 30% for the rest of the map (I believe this is the shader thing), got between 30sec to a minute of loading for any area change (HO, Towns, Acts areas, maps), skills don't appear on the first attack/cast, anytime there are anymore than ten monsters on screen it goes slideshow mode from 15fps to 40fps, monsters not properly appearing, their attacks/spells either, dynamic options don't work, changing any graphic option does not change anything...

Seriously what the heck is happening with this patch ? The game was working very nicely prior to yesterday, with solid locked 60fps almost all the time except really intense battles with about 10fps drops here and there.

Absolutely unplayable at the moment.

Win 10 Pro
I7-4790K 4.0 GHz
GeForce GTX 1080 8.0 Go
24 Go RAM
The ONLY improvement of this hotfix is loading times, PoE still holds my entire pc hostage just like the big patch.
Arkuza wrote:
Didn't do anything.

CPU seems to be working 200% harder than 3.21.1 and my GPU isn't being utilized much.

That's exactly opposite to what 3.21.2 was supposed to do: "offloads particle calculations to the GPU". My computer is quite old, the only component I upgraded recently was the graphic card, GTX 1660 Ti. The processor I can't even upgrade significantly without changing the motherboard. The game ran quite good before, and now I'm scared even to try it.
Global illumination looks better in this patch. This patch supposes to take particle rendering more to GPU, but my CPU load increased. Please further optimize to reduce CPU load.

GPU - RX6600
CPU - 10400
RAM - 16GB

Windows 11
Man.... those patches are hardware destroyers.

I hope my pc doesn't catch fire.
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i have problem always get a api-ms-win-libraryloader dll is missing on your computer when i start the game and huge performance problems cant stream and play at the same time is killing my pc
Illumination and shadows look far better now. Vulkan also works for me now, it used to flicker and do weird stuff like torches becoming fireballs or nuclear bombs.

CPU load is far better for me today, FPS are more stable but they've suffered a bit, they don't drop as low as they used to before the particle system update. Lucky me I guess. I hope it's fixed for everyone soon tho, especially so close to exilecon.
So, what I observed today is that shaders constantly keep compiling.

My perforamnce overall is good, no matter my settings I'm always capped at 75 fps.

The problem is, everytime the shader bar maxes out in the graph, I get stutters, which make the experience very unpleasant. I ran the same map over 20 times (20 dunes maps) and shaders kept compiling and I kept getting stutters till the end.

gtx 1080 ti
R5 5600x
32 gb DDR4 3200

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