New Microtransactions: Item Display Case, Druidic Helmet and Dragon's Currency Hoard Stash

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I absolutely loved the new hideout stuff.
Very cool!
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
Almost no items bigger than rings and amulets fit in the box...Good job testing GGG...
Console when??
unfortunately most items look lackluster, small, and dull in the case.. hoping to see some improvements here. most two handers items clip through the case too.. most are off center. :{

in my opinion, as an art director, the display case shouldn't outshine or drown out the item. was really hoping for more out of this one..

certain small items are practically invisible and the refraction of the glass blurs the object further.

off-centered, random positioning (these should have a mantle like small objects do):

you can tell this was designed for belts lol as belts have all of the above suggestions largely.

looking forward to seeing improvements to this mtx
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rhoa feathers are just a ball :{

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