Ever want to show off your finished crafting project or your favourite Divination Card? Now you can with the new Item Display Case Hideout Decoration! This Hideout Decoration lets anyone who visits your hideout the ability to view any item that you place into it by hovering over your Display Case.

The Druidic Helmet features three elemental orbs that pulse depending on the element of the highest hit that you take damage from.

Finally, the Dragon's Hoard Currency Stash grows in treasure as you put currency in your stash. Store enough and an ancient dragon will guard your hoard of loot. Priority is given to the tab with the currency affinity set, or the general currency tab if you have one and affinity is not set. If you don't have a currency stash tab or a currency affinity set, it will look at the contents of your left most stash tab.

Get all of your new microtransactions here or check out the videos below!

Thanks for your support!
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so i can put in an item that i craft to use for ages, but i just cant use cuz its inside the box?
"Here's where I'd put my Mageblood, IF I HAD ONE!"
Mechanic Misconception:

Are your minions "randomly dying"? Do you have the Fleshcrafter unique equipped?
If you answered "Yes" to both of these, high chance is that your minions have over 50% chaos resistance, converting 100% of their HP into ES, killing them.
Cool in theory, but I'd like to know more on how the dragon stash works.

Does it look mostly at more common currencies, or rarer ones?

What about quite rare currency items players don't value all that highly (e.g. Annuls or Veiled Chaos which are both way rarer than Divines)?
Le Toucan Will Return
Can the display cases be updated to stand the gear up? Some shields look tiny, swords stick out of the case, helmets lay on the ground, etc.

Also can that cross league "Delete Item" button be removed. Thats scary.
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Display hideout is nice!
IGN: JerleSteelChampion/JerleRuthlessAgain
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?
Now we just need auction house where we can put those display cases.
missed opportunity on the item display, you already have the code where you can put a copy of an item in there just like crucible. but now people who spent ages crafting their perfect piece of gear (to use) will have to choose between using it or just saving it on the side
Just got the Dragon Hoard Stash and it's amazing! Also, the idea on the Curios case is freaking cool!

Cheers :D!

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