New Microtransactions: Item Display Case, Druidic Helmet and Dragon's Currency Hoard Stash

Will the Druidic Helmet continue to pulse after your character dies to give the player some sense of understanding as to what killed them if they died abruptly?

The item display case is interesting. It would be funny if a visiting player could touch the display case, cracking it like a heist display case in the hopes of getting the item (but the case never actually break).
OK quick update ... I bought the dragon stash and put it in my hideout. It looks terrific. I only care about the guild stash since that is where I store all ym currency (I don't use my local stash at all).

Then I had this idea of adding this to our actual guild hideout. We don't use it often because it lacks some serious QoL features badly needed, however I thought it would look cool. It turns out I can't add it?!?! Even though it appears in the decorations tab, it doesn't place down. Is this intended? I get the local stash not working in there, but seems like the guild stash should work in the guild hideout.

Otherwise super cool idea. I wish I had this stash in my real house for my real life savings so it would motivate me more to save my chaos (dollars).
Very cool!

How does the Dragon Hoard Stash scale exactly? Based on the number of chaos, divines? Or raw number of items, regardless of the currency type (alterations, alchs, etc.). What breakpoints do I need to max out the stash.
My only issue is the texture of the treasure is so stretched and deformed. Could've been done better but oh well it's still gorgeous.
These new MTX are really cool! I'm surprised there was no fishing rod in the video.
The Bother progress: 11%

You don't even imagine how much harm you've caused. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to finish "The Bother". You're one of my murderers. You will never get my forgiveness unless you make up for what you've done.
The item Displaz is cool, but sadly useless in case of "the crafted item" as example, if i want to display it i cant use or sell it. For what you would normaly do this.

Wouldnt it be better if you could interact with it and lets say copy your item in something like a limited archive inside of it, so you can always choose what to display and still use the item?

It would be cool for new leagues too since you could still display your past accomplishments this way in a new league, like the challenge trophys (maybe it automatically sets a tag from which league it is)
Guessing console isn’t getting these ?
Napolleon wrote:
Guessing console isn’t getting these ?

Having followed stuff that close, since I'm a PC only gamer, but afaik consoles are usually "just" a little behind patchwise, so I would maybe wait a little.
Or are there already other MTX that are PC only?
You say Prison Cell, I hear 'Holiday'.
CyberYeti wrote:
I get the local stash not working in there, but seems like the guild stash should work in the guild hideout.

Both the personal and guild variants of the Dragon's Currency Hoard Stash can be used in guild hideouts. The guild leader needs to purchase them from the Guild Hideout section.
Cool stuff,

I really like the display cases but I would like to be able to still list items inside them. This makes me display my items and still be able to sell them.

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