Crucible Fan Art Competition

so many nice art! cool <3
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Here's my submission! It's based on the concept art for the archmagus armour set. Hope everyone likes it!
Is a titan forge-master, before he died of old age. (Was meant to be a joke about the skeleton holding the crucible but feel like that doesn't come across as such.)

So the dude above is kind of rushed because I realized I didn't have a whole lot of spare time for this but wanted to submit something that looked somewhat done. This was my original idea:

Forging the Beasts Cradle

Thought it was a neat idea if they were the ones to create the Azmerian mountain range with the express purpose of housing the beast in the future. I just pretend the titans have some clairvoyance or divination to know it would be needed in the future.
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it's fine, just a little more
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Attempted to make a pixel version of the RedBlade, I was looking at the tiny image so it was difficult to make out some of the details but I tried
This is what my brain cooked up after countless reforging of Bows with a friend of mine.
Hope you enjoy and better Luck to y‘all!

Also: Dripped out the wazoo of course
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Proof that there is no AI generation involved

was stuck in an art block for sometime, thanks for the comp ggg!

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