Crucible Fan Art Competition

libraofdoom wrote:

Path of Exile Ancient Crucible Titan Val'oxla

An ancient Crucible Titan erupts from a forge to surprise a weary traveler, she is as deadly as she is ravaging and seductive. Legend has it, once she had risen from the forge, she decimated the Exile, leaving nothing but a charred flamming boneless corpse in her wake. She still walks the plains of Wraeclast to this day legends has it....

Even the text seems AI generated. lmao

Every person who post digital picture should also post work in progress pictures. I think there will be a lot of AI generated images
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im here
I won already.

I get censored and harassed by 3 cucks now.
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Saving myself a spot :) ~~~~
All right, here is my entry: Crucible at Day Time
Image manipulation using Photoshop + Adobe Lightroom.
Hey! Saving a spot as well!
Ray_Gun wrote:
Saving a spot :)

Naleesh wrote:
Hey! Saving a spot as well!


Why you spam this? I don't get it. You think you have more chance to win, or what?
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