Crucible Fan Art Competition

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Disc:CaptianLance feeding his pet Kite.
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I did this handmade in ceramic and i think its important to show the process It consists of fired the piece at 1050°C and then taking it out of the kiln and setting it on fire in organic material to create an oxygen-reducing atmosphere that gives the piece its finish

Fresh out of the crucible! (pls watch the video)

and finish

Direct Link for higher resolution:
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Here's my submission along with a WIP screenshot

Title version:

Not sure if it'll count due to being an old item, but this is my 5th POE-inspired tattoo on this sleeve. We try to blend the art and spirit of Path of Exile with American Traditional tattoos for some cool looks. Wanted to share it either way.
The pixel art of the Forge i made. Took a while but I'm quite proud of it.
"Lonely forging"

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ADEPT_ wrote:
Does anyone care to qualify why AI art doesn't count? It's still art, you still have to give it prompts or input information just like people using 3D Renderer / Photoshop to layer / use brushes, it's all AI generated.

Something tells me you are trolling, but here goes: Using ai strips the process of creation from some particulary important things and values: effort. commitment. hard work. knowledge of art. and most importantly - yourself. And therefore, due to the lack of those above, it ain't art.

Why is partial AI assistance allowed but regular AI is not?

Is it? I do not see it stated in the rules.

Pretty wack to exclude an entire genre of artists, especially when the point behind art is to create something cool, inspiring, moving.

not. artists.

AI literally won an art contest, a bunch of people talked about the piece of art moved them, which is the point isn't it?

I will probably loose my self if i start on this one. In short - this shows how easy to plaese humans become. And it sickens me.

Way to literally ostracize and demotivate a bunch of us.

good. you are taking the easy way.

Users: Smile
GGG: Someone having fun over here?
Users: *Laugh nervously*
GGG: Annnnd you're banned.

Oh, with that i agree, ggg seems to be really touchy in terms of any kind of dark humour.

The saddest part of all, is you didn't even encourage any of us AI artists to still submit their fan art passion products. You could have still said "It's unfair for X, Y reasons, so they won't be eligible for rewards but we'd still love to see what you all can come up with!"

Literally nothing.

broken thinking. look from the other angle for a moment. From a traditional artists perspective. You'll realise. I hope.

Tencent bought you guys out and the support / community engagement has just gone to shit.

That is just kick in the balls, i tell ya. Aaand as tencent is itself a swelling corporation, it may at some point choose to abuse this ai stuff, and enforce this to ggg (horrifying thought). As a cheap way to do stuff. Cheaper then humans. Didn't blizaard lately announced something in regards to the matter?

Not to mention I don't know if there's another thread cause now I'm just venting, but seriously, you guys are scummy as hell. Like Electronic Arts scummy, making gift paper a purchasable thing? It was bullshit in the first place that you could get a bunch of duplicates and couldn't do anything with them for year and years, but now that you've finally come to your senses and allowed SOME form of MTX sharing, you hide it behind a god damn pay wall? So now if I want to give someone something I'VE ALREADY FKING PAID FOR, I have to pay more? Seriously, I support this game, look at my titles, but THIS type of shit is heinous and your monetization methods are predatory and say alot about where the company is headed.

Shame on you.

and more kicks in the balls there... Especially that ea comparison. Ye, recent experiments with mtx seem to be getting in morally wrong way, i agree. But it still far off for ggg to get to that level of scumminess. And YOU, GGG, you are not planning to go that filthy way, right? Right?
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I don't know whether basing something on a meme is okay, but here's my take

"Why can't I stack all these geodes?"

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