240k kills - 0 divines - sadge

LOL I have 100 000 kills in Orchard map and did not get single Porcupine
68k kills, 3 exalts, 0 divines... I hate the swap
300k kills

0 exalts

1 divine

...... this is terrible

My friend has 400k kills and 0 divine. 1 exalt
Same here 300k kills, 130%+ quantity maps and 0 divs. Already skipped league. Just playing 30-60 min per day (before 6-10 hours in this league stage).
Thanks ggg and good buy.
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412k kills

Divines: 11 Exalts: 4 Relic Keys: 3 Brass Domes: 1

5 of those divines are from ritual tho (got a stack of 5)
the rest is all natural drops, mapping, heist, delve.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Yup, the loot is really reallllyyy boring right now. Yes, you can make some currencies, but it's not exciting at all to sell essences, sextants, artifacts or whatever you are gathering. Once in a while you SHOULD be able to drop something interesting and not only fucking low values things.
divines actually drop?
i got 1,1milion kills and if we talking about raw drops then i gotten 6 divines and 7 exalts
330k kills still 2x Divines, 4 Exalts drops. KEKW
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Already at act 6 and have 2 divines drop

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