240k kills - 0 divines - sadge

this is why i stop playing
not played since Jan
Two natural drops so far. Have you made enough sacrifices to Kuduku?
Years and years of lying and they said nothing. Wallet Shut. F2P until the wheels fall off the POE1 servers.
1 natural drop. deferred one in ritual but havent seen it since. tujen has one but i cant afford it yet.
87k got my first to drop.
~ Adapt, Improvise and Overcome
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90k doing maps and heist... got NOTHING.
Man, you guys are slow. I am already at 338,933, so more than 120,000 kills in less than a day of playing casually.
dude, i've got to 98 by mapping, and i've gotten 1 or 2
there is no loot in this game anymore
i haven't bought supporter packs since 3.13/14 and i like to keep it that way
no fun no money
dead game
bring back 3.13
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223k kills - i got 2 natural Divines drops i think.
And 2 Exalts drops(one from opening chest)- both in range of 3-4 maps - rng is crazy in this game.
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170k 2xDivine, 1xEx
Well think I@ll stop PoE again. Be back at PoE 2 if it's still alive after D4.

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