240k kills - 0 divines - sadge

Last league i had 2 raw divines from 1 mil mobs, this time around though i had plenty(10+) in those 1 mil kills. I assumed they fixed that issue. I even made thread last league about this specific issue. Hopefully its just bad rng in those first 250k because 250k is not that big number to draw conclusions. I have to say that its really bad when ppl get nothing from kills. Specially nowadays when builds are 20 30 40 divines on average while during whole league some ppl get 2 divine drops. Its bad game design and makes no sense. Also... having proper heist method u can literally make 50 divines in a day while mapping raw kills give u nothing. Again idk if they "fixed" it this league but last one was horrible with raw drops. Also those altars are pissing me off coz they make me feel like trash picker. They wanted to solve problem of low currency dropping in stacks and than they made altars drop currency 1 by 1 to be picked like a trash. That makes ZERO sense. WHY TF ALTARS DO NOT DROP CURRENCY IN STACKS. ITS HORRIBLE DESIGN.
FreshMeat93 wrote:

Selling gear for Real Money.
Phrazz wrote:
Just north of 2 million kills. Have no idea how many Divines I've dropped. I currently have 80 in my stash, and 71 Exalts. I've also spent a fair bit of Divines, but also sold a lot of stuff for Divines.

But as I wrote before; I have no idea what's "normal", and think Divines/kills is a stupid statistic. It's not just about how many monsters you kill, but also about what monsters you kill (what content you run), the quality/quantity of your maps and what gear you are wearing.

All true, but this is just for fun. Which is the point of all of this right? right???
Nulledout wrote:
Casie0046 wrote:
around 10 mil here this league
135 divine
115 exalted
43 Voidborn keys

Y'all need to get out of the chair a bit more often if that is just this league.

Edit: After looking at your account, where does all your gear go? You have 30+ 100s and zero gear. I would accuse you of RMT'ing but half your characters are SSF.

Most of the time i level the same build again if its level 100 because i dont like it that much to play without xp bar

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