Terrazer wrote:
Sorry if it's really dumb, but how do you even trade with someone in an other league?

You open trade and give them all your stuff, then hope he logs to the other league to give your stuff and not just run with your money.
Why not just have trusted middlemen to do these sort of trades have them certified by players/GGG that they can be trusted? Having a trusted middleman imho much more safer than straight up trading all your gear to the buyer and currency to the seller
youngfliip wrote:
Why not just have trusted middlemen to do these sort of trades have them certified by players/GGG that they can be trusted? Having a trusted middleman imho much more safer than straight up trading all your gear to the buyer and currency to the seller

That is also why we have guilds and friend who we trust.
Pacman12 wrote:
L4gY wrote:
The Hardcore economy will get FUCKED if they made a trade system...
Hope you all get scammed :)

[...] Hardcore becomes much less hardcore when you can just let loose in softcore, gain currency, transfer it to hardcore, and then roll right through hardcore with your softcore bought gear. I like that there is this element of risk for those who decide to use softcore to fund their hardcore.

You can't transfer softcore to hardcore. I think you have understood something very wrong. That would be terrible indeed, and it's not going to happen EVER.

Of course the element of risk you are talking about is absolutely OKAY, because? You are not supposed to do it! Period. However since people can and will always seek to do this somehow (like third party websites) it's ok to allow people to talk about it in a dedicated forum and possibly trade on their own risk - without advertising it in the normal trades or in the game.

I think everyone will agree that it's not something that is supposed to happen. Even the argument: Economy will not be transfered and thus no economy will be flooded etc. is false, because? Actually a player who stopped playing that hardcore or softcore league would remove all his items from the market (not trade it not use it), so giving it to someone else actually is supporting "flooding" because then it negates a step back from flooding per player.
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They just need to create an ingame escrow system.

you add a feature in the trade window for escrow. click it and then it locks the trade in a waiting state away from both users. then the users do more trades also in escrow and then main accounts have to allow all trades on both sides then they are delivered to each other.

if one side changes their mind then all items are released back to each player

shouldn't be too hard and the power is always in both players hands.

the system could be simple or elaborate (three way deals?)

Just add something for trading in the site...

Don't really want to use the A word but... something in the likes of a auction house maybe?

People would have their shops and people would be able to buy... add a confirmation process in the shops in the likes of I want to buy X item, heres my offer, heres my message to the seller and he can accept or deny... maybe even option for trades, you put what you have for trade, they put in the trade page whatever they have for whatever you have, they confirm, you confirm, trade done. Even cross sc/hc... hell, even permanent and leagues if they want to...
Dear GGG....

What is needed is an Escrow Service between the approved leagues.
I have ideas on how it can be done.
I'm a software engineer, and not the very best, but no slouch.
I think you guys are pretty wise, so you can figure out whatever I could.
Your trade system within a league is already an escrow service.
You can maintain the user interface, and extend the code to permit traders to perform from different leagues.

I'm pretty sure a legal independently implemented escrow service can be implemented....as surely as Procurement is legit, and as Bob, and Alice dig Carol and Ted.

Just a hint, and a thought.


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i am selling my Services as a inbetween for both leagues.
i have a thread in the sc to hc forum that i just posted
my services are inexpensive and i really want to gain momentum as a trusted way to trade between leagues.
i might be a solution to the on going problem that is hc sc trading
Chris wrote:
Because the process of trading Default items for Hardcore items does not involve our secure trade screen, it's a very risky process. We receive many complaints per day where players have scammed each other and not fulfilled their side of a cross-league trade. Due to these complaints, we strongly considered banning this type of trade entirely. However, upon examination, there are many legitimate players who do these trades safely.

We will allow this type of trade but we make no promises that the people you're trading with are going to give you what you wanted. Cross-league trades are performed at your own risk. There is nothing we can do if someone scams you. Do not trade items between leagues that you are not fully prepared to lose.

Please keep all threads about cross-league trades in this forum so that the above warning can be seen. Please do not advertise cross-league trades in the trade channel in-game.

Update (October 16, 2013): Do not trade items between long-term leagues and three-month leagues. This gives a clear advantage (based on prior gameplay) in the challenge leagues and is not allowed. For now, you may still (at your own risk) trade items between Standard and Hardcore, or between Warbands and Tempest but not between the two sets of leagues.

hey chris can i make a thread about sc<>Hc breach trading? i wanna trade stuff from sc i dont want for some currency in hc breach league so i can buy lvling items from xyz. Is it allowed that kind of action?

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