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Chris wrote:
Because the process of trading Default items for Hardcore items does not involve our secure trade screen, it's a very risky process. We receive many complaints per day where players have scammed each other and not fulfilled their side of a cross-league trade. Due to these complaints, we strongly considered banning this type of trade entirely. However, upon examination, there are many legitimate players who do these trades safely.

We will allow this type of trade but we make no promises that the people you're trading with are going to give you what you wanted. Cross-league trades are performed at your own risk. There is nothing we can do if someone scams you. Do not trade items between leagues that you are not fully prepared to lose.

Please keep all threads about cross-league trades in this forum so that the above warning can be seen. Please do not advertise cross-league trades in the trade channel in-game.

Update (October 16, 2013): Do not trade items between long-term leagues and three-month leagues. This gives a clear advantage (based on prior gameplay) in the challenge leagues and is not allowed. For now, you may still (at your own risk) trade items between Standard and Hardcore, or between Warbands and Tempest but not between the two sets of leagues.

hey chris can i make a thread about sc<>Hc breach trading? i wanna trade stuff from sc i dont want for some currency in hc breach league so i can buy lvling items from xyz. Is it allowed that kind of action?

As long as you're trading between Breach SC <---> Breach HC, that's fine.

You just cannot trade from Permanent HC/SC leagues <---> Temporary HC/SC leagues.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.

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