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remove this section if you aren't going to facilitate it. thanks.

Just asking people to get scammed and lose interest in your game because of it.

The little warning is really meaningless as people will do a thread of real trades then just scam when they're out of currency.
I hope the guy returns and at least gives you back the currency, he was in my friends list but did not respond in the 3 days i tried trading with him (my hours are a little weird, I'm a recent proud father :) )... so i just got lucky i guess, would;ve lost my currency aswell.
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it's a good idea. But a better idea i think is. Once the exchange the orbs/items into coupons. they CAN NOT trade that item into their own league. That coupon is totally useless for them. They can only trade it with other league.
It actually is facilitated, but not explicitly:
1: Start 2 clients, on the first your hardcore character, on the second your standard one
2: Put items into trade windows in both clients
3: Both parties agree to first "hover and confirm" the trade windows that has no items on their own side. (this is the important part)
4: switch to the other window and confirm the other trade window

If the window you're switching to in step 4 isn't green on their side, you've lost nothing. And you can still cancel the trade

Am I missing something?

Edit lol nevermind, i'm dumb. If you confirm and they cancel on the other side you still lose
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Allowing trading from SC to HC would be silly. If you die in HC, you just trade all your items from SC back to yourself with another account. This can't be allowed.
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that will be very imba, if u die and u always can return all ur items
Maybe we can all come up with a system where is able to do these kind of trades safe. I was thinking in something like coupons where you can trade all kind of currency into coupons in game and you have the coupons in hardcore and softcore so the basic idea would be this:

I want to trade my 10x Orb of Alchemy HC (Player A) to 20x Orb of Alchemy SC (Player B)

Player A goes to vendor in HC with his orbs and does (for example):
10x Orb of Alchemy + Scroll of Wisdom = 10x HC Alchemy Coupon

Plyer B goes to vendor in SC with his orbs and does (for example):
20x Orb of Alchemy + Scroll of Wisdom = 20x SC Alchemy Coupon

Coupons are HC and SC but they can only be traded into real Orbs in their own league. (HC or SC)

Player A trades player B (coupons)

I think you might get the idea.

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