Personally thought about this myself, it's a very risky business dealing with these. But as on the first-reply/post, the coupon idea is a good idea. I personally would like to see a way of trading online, or trading through friend's list, into different/other leagues. But the only problem, would be having to limit race leagues.
Kabancheg11 wrote:


It's sad to see the best tank in HC being scammed by a little piece of s*** like this...
But you're not supposed to trade SC to HC in the first place. :-/
Never knew it was against the rules to post in trade chat about this.
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TheAnuhart wrote:
Just get on and create an opt in self found league already with no trading.

Where the game can flourish, feel rewarding, with viable crafting and none of the umpteen game destroying byproducts of a free trade economy.

Yes. This.
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I think cross-league trading should be stopped altogether.. The new league is supposed to be a fresh start, not so you can trade standard>* and get an advantage.
Ok all this does is make the people who RMT RMT more, but for player's like myself that grind, grind, and grind more get GG gear and sell it in Standard now I can not transfer the currency I have made in Standard.

Take all the people that bought the league specific uniques to sell in standard.

Cross League trading was allowed between Anarchy and Standard they said do it cautiously.

There were multiple threads for people that were doing these currency transfers and were voucher for(had references)

I liquidated most of me GG gear to currency under the assumption that cross league trades were going to be allowed because they were allowed in the past.

Posting this now hurts for people who were building up there currency and wish it had come out right when the leagues merged..

When they say this is disallowed does that mean people that do do cross league currency trades are going to be banned?? Or do it at your own risk like before?

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This feels like allowing cheating,,,
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On the one hand I praise GGG for being lenient on crossleague trades and not swinging the ban hammer for every other action. On the other hand, cross league trading really should not exist, because it is an easy way to break the whole point of having leagues.

The coupon idea is a nice one. However I feel that, to prevent people from abusing the possibility to trade between leagues, that any SC-HC trading should impose a fixed XP Penalty per item traded. With such a penalty, players pay a price in invested time for every crossleague trade, which is quite similar to having to invest time in a new league to get items. With this method, Level 1 characters cannot trade crossleague because they will not have enough XP to trade. In addition, you could play with conditions to this penalty to further limit crossleague trading or make it more lenient - for example: players can only trade one item per character level.

This will encourage players to trade within league instead of crossleague, while still keeping both options available and also placing a somewhat similar expense (time invested, as XP= time) on gathering the items within the league you play, compared to buying them from other leagues. Last but not least, it prevents saturation of the HC economy.
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Sorry if it's really dumb, but how do you even trade with someone in an other league?
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