Before making a "poe is fine d4 sucks" thread you need to watch this

wait till game comes out and play more than 10% of the content
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Maybe he has a ghost writer hoho
D4 > PooE
Maybe he has a ghost writer hoho
I see you.
Why are we forced to watch some video from the person even not participating in discussion? Are you his promoter? Reported for AD.
I care little for either but watching a known quantity like Asmongold fangirl over Kripp is oddly satisfying as a concept and insufferable beyond about ten seconds.
ARPGesus died for your skins.

Healthy competition means 'good enough' is never good enough.
Not bashing anything but I'm not buying D4 before seeing at least 5 different trustworthy reviews of lategame from nolifer streamers.

Second-class poe gamer
Thought about trying the open beta but its only to lvl 25 lol. Ill wait for official release.
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xPiranha wrote:
Thought about trying the open beta but its only to lvl 25 lol. Ill wait for official release.

Same as Ive gotten older I burn out very quickly on things. So, I'm just gonna wait on the release so its all new and nice and not burn myself out grinding out lvl 25 stuff.

The older you get hte more it feels like you have done and seen it all in games and the lipstick wears off extremely fast for me anyways, so I try my best to avoid betas, early accesses, and demos as much as possible so that I can enjoy the game when its brand new and hopefully get some fresh experiences back, even if for a bit.
A lot of the D4 BETA reviews from known streamers I've seen have been a lot better in terms of not creating a Hype monster for the sake of hype/players/viewers/$$$. Diablo doesn't really need it but it would be very easy to do so.

Just look at the mess Lost Ark caused on release with all the click baits, misleading claims, untrue statements etc. Some done the same in these forums almost word for word, it was quite surreal they didn't seem to know what a P2W KMMO entailed or how badly they really wanted it not to be one with what they wrote.

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