i'm sorry but there is no stopping POE.

Another one of this threads...Christ...
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Destructodave wrote:
Diablo 4 will be really popular far longer than D3, since it looks to be a live service game.

People have a bit of a revisionist history when they think about D3. They compare the D3 of today to the D3 of 2012-2014, during Vanilla and RoS releases. It was insanely popular back then. Massively more popular than PoE.

But it was one and done with no updates. A tortoise and the hair scenario. PoE's constant leagues, updates, and new content just slowly but surely surpassed Diablo.

If Diablo can actually supply a similar content schedule to PoE, its going to be pretty stiff competition.

Which is a good thing, IMO.

The initial release of D3 had some redeeming qualities. The drop rate was much better, and the difficulty was more challenging. There was no build diversity still and itemization was bad, but you at least had to work a little to finish the otherwise shallow builds. I don't have any love for the RMAH though; that's a blackeye for the industry for sure.
I shall enjoy Diablo IV and PoE 4.0 as well as many other games. Diablo IV will be exciting. I doubt it will supplant PoE for many fans of ARPG, some are far too committed, addicted? To the latter and suspicious of the former. For someone who thinks PoE does it's best to put me off from playing, Diablo IV looks far more inviting and forgiving to my casual commitment to grinding. Plus it looks like a modern game compared to PoE and it's archaic and retro looks (PoE is aesthetically strong though, one of the reasons i still enjoy it).
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
Already quit for LE, poe is way too frustrating for a video game.
dagul23 wrote:
let's see what POE 2 brings

PoE 2.0 is just Overwatch -> Overwatch 2 type of thing. Don't expect too much, it is just the same game loop of this old game. Diablo 4is at least something entirely new. Diablo 4 also won't take the thesaurus that PoE takes to play. PoE won't die, but it is going to take a sword to the gut if Diablo 4 is any good. I imagine all casuals are going to bail immediately.
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plaguefear wrote:
Already quit for LE, poe is way too frustrating for a video game.

I recently revisited LE as well, and there are some definitely some appealing mechanics and game design there.

The crafting, is far more simple, but still had plenty of weighted rng, and is limited with "potential" on each item. You can't just start over if it goes south.

The biggest plus there is the in-game tools on affixes, filters, and mechanic explanations. GGG could absolutely learn from this if they ever decide to in-house some of the most widely used 3rd party tools. LE is Extremely new player friendly while also providing some depth for scaling and building via gear in the latter stages.

The pack size is more reasonable, and the pace feels good. It's not a zooming, screen clear, difficult to discern mess that PoE has become. It was refreshing. But some people like the screen popping in PoE so I guess that could vary from individual to individual.

It's buggy for sure (its beta), and won't be a significant competitor, but its pretty good considering. They've done a really nice job the past 12 months, and it shows.
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oldmunchi wrote:
dagul23 wrote:
let's see what POE 2 brings

poe2 is a new campaign, aka what people spend 4-6 hours running through as fast as they can to get out of it.

beyond that, theres some changes like every item can be 6 linked, which tbh is still not going to make people use multiple primary skills. will just be aura links, movement, cwdt, defensive totem, etc.

I only look forward to entire new ascendancies.
poe2 will have 10 years worth of content plus all the new stuff, meanwhile d4 is a completely new game with limited content
emulatin wrote:
poe2 will have 10 years worth of content plus all the new stuff, meanwhile d4 is a completely new game with limited content

10 years of content if it isn't good content is just bloat added to new content.
New League, new content, new mechanics… every 3-4 months, nothing can stop it.

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