No Balance Manifestos for 3.21 - Here's Why

I'm only interested in the support pack, Please make it even better. xD
This is slightly worrying... A huge delay of 3.21 with no systems changes which means the success of 3.21 is relying on 1. league mechanic itself which have been very lackluster in recent history outside of sentinel and maybe sanctum, and 2. the numerical buffs/nerfs. If done right thats obviously gonna be great but i just cant help but remember a certain round of numerical changes that was pretty much "+2 aoe to cleave" and some other very minor buffs that made absolutely no difference to anything.
I want to be positive and believe that the extra time spent working on 3.21 means its gonna be great but my copium tank is getting alarmingly empty.
I do hope i'm proven wrong though!
Buff ICE SHOT ggg please x)
BUFF MELEE !! !! !! for us
Mainly to make it ok, I don't want to play copy paste shit D4.
Nerf Molten Strike, I spoke to a guy who claimed he was playing it.
Seismic Trap buffs incoming!
There is no melee in this game. Same handful of builds every league. Such a boring game. New season starts everyone thinks its 3 months until the next. 90% of player base quits 4-6 weeks in. A month later GG will announce they are turds and next league will be 4 months not three. Then everyone is forced to play another game for 2-3 months.

New league announces and the same handful of builds are still viable. Still no melee in the game. Just some gimmick added to have people start a new season character in hopes they buy a MTX which is the only time they put into a new season.

PoE is a lame duck game. I have very little faith in Blizzard. The empire of PC gaming in the early 2000's. Diablo 3 has never been good even with the turn around.

GGG should be worried though. If some how Diablo 4 is good its the final nail in the coffin for PoE and PoE 2 will be DOA. It's not really even PoE 2 its just a real update to PoE. Instead of gimmick seasons.

PoE deserves to die. We deserve a good ARPG like Diablo 2 but modern.
Uhhhhhh.....what are you really sayin mate lol

"PoE deserves to die. We deserve a good ARPG like Diablo 2 but modern."
Why so many of u are pissed off before u know anything about 3.21?
Chill and relax, GGG will inform soon.

Maybe there are nerfs but in most cases in the past ggg close some doors and open some others.
Cant remember that there are leave many players the com cause of some nerfs.
So calm down and wait what happens


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