[3.22] CheapBunny's Self Ignite Ancestral Protector Slayer| Wilma's Requital | Mokou's Embrace

Updated to 3.22 - Trial of The Ancestors League
- Return of The Balance of Terror unique jewel due to Sanctum return
- Added POB for 3.22, no change to the build

Previous Version Update

3.21 Crucible League- Changes to the build

1. Sanctified Relic is no longer available in 3.21, we lose the access to Eldritch Battery because of this.
Drop Precision to release some reserved mana and take a mana cluster for some additional mana. Replaced "Life gain on hit support" on Frenzy with "Lifetap support". Added "Lifetap support" to leap slam and mark on hit setup.

You wont be able to spam totems anymore (still can comfortably do maps).

2. Spell Suppress chance apply to Critical Strike chance is removed from "Spell Suppression Mastery" in 3.21

3. Determination mana efficiency is removed from "Armour Mastery" in 3.21
Replaced with mana efficiency mastery from "Mana Mastery" instead

This is the second totem build I make in this league, the first one being Artillery Ballista Deadeye (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3336192). They both are built around Wilma's Requital helmet, but this build uses melee totem instead.

Overall, this build is not as new player friendly as the ballista build, because of its melee playstyle, multiple conditional buffs, which requires more skill to play. If you are new, I would recommend following the ballista build instead.

However, you are ok with melee playstyle, and looking for a fun build that can do uber bosses, this build will get you there.

Build Thought

This build is built around "Wilma's Requital" unique helmet.

The idea is to abuse the mod "Increase to cast speed also apply to attack speed. By self igniting, Mokou's Embrace essentially prvoide 96% attack speed per ring, which is super huge.

Why Melee Totem? Why Ancestral Protector instead of Warchief Totem?
I find one reliable way to self ignite is to hit myself with Boneshatter which requires melee weapon. Ancestral Protector do more single target damage, so I chose it over Warchief, you might play with Warchief Totem if you like it more, but you will need to tweak the skill tree abit.

Why Slayer instead of Chieftain?
I have made 2 ele build in this league, so I wanted to do a non-ele build. I feel like I need to go fire damage if being Chieftain, so I chose Slayer instead and go full physical.

Problems (Read before starting the build)

Damage over time

This build is vulnerable to damage over time damage. Because of the downside from Mokou's Embrace Rings, all monster damage can ignite you, therefore life regen will always be closed to 0 if not negative.

Strongly suggest to use "Soul of Arakaali" all the time. Get regen on hit enchant on boots.

I took some regen nodes on skill tree to help as well.
Consider taking totem leech mastery if you think you need more recovery. (I took critical strike chance totem mastery for more damage instead)




The Forbidden Sanctum League

T16 Atoll + Al-Hezmin

Elderslayers Invitation

Sanctum Final Floor - Lycia

Uber Shaper

Uber Maven

Uber Uber Elder

Skill Tree (POB)

Kill all bandits.

17 Aug 2023 - [POE 3.22] 98 lvl skill tree (Latest)

7 Apr 2023 - [POE 3.21] 98 lvl skill tree

7 Jan 2023 - [POE 3.20] 97 lvl skill tree

3 Jan 2023 - [POE 3.20] 96 lvl skill tree


Bane of Legends -> Impact -> Overwhelm -> Masterful Form



Early/Mid Game
High Physical Rare Two Handed Axe

End Game

Quality on Atziri Disfavour has big impact to dps, try to get 30% quality.


Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Helmet

End Game

(Enchant : Ancestral Protector Totem grants increased attack speed while active)

If you cannot find the enchant on POE trade, you can use tainted mythic orb on corrupted Solaris Circlet with the enchant, there is chance to turn it into "Wilma's Requital", not sure what is the odds, but I personally got it in 5 tries. Or just pay a lab runner to enchant for you.

Body Armour

Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Body Armour

End Game
Life/Spell Suppression/Resis Rare Body Armour

(Eldritch Implicit : Increase Pride Aura Effect/Gain Frenzy Charge every 11 seconds (upgrade to at least 11 seconds))


Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Gloves

End Game
Life/Resis/Accuracy Rare Gloves

(Get at least 450 accuracy on the gloves)
(Eldritch Implicit : at least 20% chance to impale on hit)


Early/Mid Game
Movement Speed/Life/Resis Rare Boots

End Game

(Corrupt Implicit : Increased spell suppression)
(Enchant : Regenerate life per second if hit recently)


Early Game/Mid
Life/Resis Rare Belts

End Game

(Corrupt Implicit : Increased Pride aura effect)


Life/Resis Rare Amulet

Mid Game (Before Eldritch Battery)
Life/Resis/INT/-mana cost Rare Amulet

End Game (After Eldritch Battery)
Life/Int/Crit Mult/Resis Rare Amulet

(Anointment : Whispers of Doom)

This build is lacking INT, you can get INT on tree early/mid game, try to get as much INT as possible on your amulet in late game to free up passive points.


Early/Mid Game
Life/Resis Rare Rings

End Game (After Wilma's Requital)

Quality : Speed Modifiers


Unique Jewel

(Slot in specific jewel socket, refers to POB)

Look for the following mods
i) Chance to do double damage
ii) Melee Critical Strike Multiplier
iii) Physical Damage

Look for the following mods
i) Impale you inflict last additional hits while using Pride

Good to have mods
i) +Amour while affected by Determination
ii) Physical Damage Reduction while affected by Determination
iii) Reduced extra Critical Damage taken while affected by Determination

Look for the following mods
i) chance to deal Double Damage if you've cast Vulnerability in the past 10 seconds

Cluster Jewel


Optional End Game Flask

Suggest to get this flask if you plan to farm high tier juiced map.

Sanctified Relic (No longer available)


Use any Sanctified Relic with useful mods to the build and add Eldritch Battery keystone.

To add Eldritch Battery, you need to use "Lycia's Invocation of Eldritch Battery" on your relic. (Once you use invocation on sanctified relic, the sanctified relic will be corrupted and cannot be modified anymore, which means no other keystone can be added)

Trade link for "Lycia's Invocation of Eldritch Battery":

Gem Link

6L Ancestral Protector (Weapon)

5L Boneshatter + 5L Frenzy (Body Armour)

(Use Boneshatter to trigger self ignite as well as enduring composure to gain brutal charge)
(Use Frenzy at the start of map/boss to gain maximum frenzy charge and the body armour implicit will sustain for you)

4L Aura

2L Molten Shell

4L Leap Slam/Assassin Mark

1L Skill

(Use Hydroshpere to gain frenzy at start of boss fight, and the body armour implicit will sustain for you)

My other build guide

Bone-Chilling Frigid Bond Golementalist

Dominating Blow/Herald of Purity Guardian

Self-Cast Crit Stacking Hexblast Impending Doom Assassin

Snipe Burning Arrow Ignite MOM Elementalist

Artillery Ballista Deadeye | Wilma's Requital

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Double Unleash Summon Raging Spirit Popcorn Necromancer

Rupturing Bleed Summon Reaper Pathfinder

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Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
17 Aug 2023
- Return of The Balance of Terror unique jewel due to Sanctum return
- Updated POB skill tree to 3.22

6 Apr 2023
- Updated POB skill tree to 3.21
- Removed Sanctified Relic
- Dropped Precision aura and remove precision aura related suggestion from Watcher's eye
- Replaced "Life gain on hit support" on Frenzy with "Lifetap support"
- Added "Lifetap support" to leap slam and mark on hit setup.
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Great build thanks for sharing and replaying wishpers.
bivike wrote:
Great build thanks for sharing and replaying wishpers.

You should put Ancestral Protector in Atziri's Disfavour, it provide quality to socketed gem which will boost your dps.
Last edited by cheapbunny on Jan 7, 2023, 4:53:32 PM
Yes i will after i change body armour thanks.
where do u get eldritch battery from @@
Sukunaa wrote:
where do u get eldritch battery from @@

Sanctified Relic.
Now the question is, which is the better build, melee totems or the ballista's? I have been looking over these and they look hella fun. I just thought the melee totems look kinda clunky but still fun. Which would you suggest?
SilentPete1 wrote:
Now the question is, which is the better build, melee totems or the ballista's? I have been looking over these and they look hella fun. I just thought the melee totems look kinda clunky but still fun. Which would you suggest?

I'd recommend ballista solely because it does better in sanctum.

(Edit : If budget is a concern, you might want to do this build instead, the price of the items I used in the ballista build has gone up quite a bit)
Last edited by cheapbunny on Jan 20, 2023, 6:28:25 AM
Congratulations on the build of the week, almost think this would've been the better choice, have enjoyed the build.

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