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Check out my channel if you are interested in off-meta build or underutilized skill/item. I enjoy making use of some niche gems/items/mechanics, and try to take them to the end game. I will write a build guide in official forum if they turn out to be good. or else you will be able to find some gameplay videos on my Youtube channel if they did not make it to the build guide. I do steam on YT occasionally as well, especially during first 2 weeks of a league.

My Youtube Channel

I make about 2-3 build guides each league, I usually talk about how's the build idea comes together in my build guide too, and hopefully it might give some inspiration to the community.

In 3.20, one of my build got featured in Build of the Week Session 11, I will just leave the link here as a trophy.

List of my build guides that are still up to date (3.23).

Outdated build guides

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