It's hard to believe that we've already made it to the end of 2022! As we start to welcome in the new year, we wanted to take a moment to look back on the year that was.

In 2022:

  • We launched four expansions: Siege of the Atlas, Sentinel, Lake of Kalandra and The Forbidden Sanctum.
  • We broke our concurrent player record this year with 270,260 players playing simultaneously on the main realm!
  • Zana disappeared, just in time for four Eldritch Horrors to attack.
  • We overhauled the Atlas, transforming it from four separate regions to one and by doing so, added yet another huge passive tree to Path of Exile.
  • We added the Gem and Flask Stash Tabs to the store, which introduced stash affinities for Gems and Flasks.
  • We added Archnemesis to the game.
  • We removed Archnemesis from the game.
  • We introduced the Kirac Vault Pass, a Battle Pass-like system that awards exclusive unique item skins.
  • We hosted a thrilling Boss Kill Event for Siege of the Atlas, with the top prize being claimed by none other than Ben.
  • We hosted another Boss Kill Event in Sentinel, with the top prize being claimed again by Ben.
  • We hosted a third Boss Kill Event in Lake of Kalandra. You can probably guess who claimed the top prize. (Spoiler: It was Ben)
  • We introduced Uber versions of new and old bosses, including the infamous Uber Uber Elder.
  • We made it so you could have multiple influences on a map.
  • We updated our Challenge Rewards system to give cooler rewards that upgrade when you complete more challenges.
  • We expanded our office onto two more floors of the building we're in.
  • We fixed the mangled text bug, which had been in the game since 2016!
  • We added official controller support for PC.
  • We announced Exilecon 2023, which will be held from July 29-30 in Auckland, New Zealand! We're so excited for this, as we get to show off more of what we've been working on for Path of Exile 2 and Mobile!
  • We revealed Kalandra, the mysterious entity behind the Mirror of Kalandra.
  • We introduced Atlas Memories, a new type of endgame item that lets you explore parts of the Atlas with juiced up encounters and rewards.
  • We brought back the Trialmaster fight, letting you challenge him for his Unique rewards.
  • We added foil versions of pinnacle boss Unique Items.
  • We rebalanced and overhauled over 100 Unique Items.
  • We buffed Cleave's radius by +2.
  • We banished the bandit Beyond demons and replaced them with the demonic horrors from Scourge.
  • We introduced lifeforce to Harvest, making its crafts tradable.
  • We caused chaos in the Standard economy by subtly changing what Divine Orbs and Exalted Orbs are valued at.
  • We overhauled the Trickster Ascendancy, giving it a bunch of new toys.
  • We introduced 8 new Skill and Support gems and 8 new Vaal Skills, including Vaal Cleave. Did we mention that Cleave's radius was buffed by +2? This was very important.
  • We introduced the Forbidden Sanctum, our take on a roguelike game mode within Path of Exile.
  • We overhauled a plethora of Endgame Unique Weapons, including fan-favourites like Starforge and Atziri's Disfavour.
  • We officially released Ruthless, a new game mode in Path of Exile that makes the game more difficult by limiting player power through extreme item scarcity.
  • We revived our Build of the Week series.
  • We added 49 Unique Items to the game, 13 of them designed by winners of our Boss Kill Competitions (and 5 of them designed by Ben…)
  • The uniques the winners designed are:
    • The Burden of Truth (Ben)
    • Echoes of Creation (Ben)
    • Call of the Void (Ben)
    • Progenesis (Ben)
    • Dawnstrider (Ben)
    • The Eternal Struggle (Waggle)
    • Impossible Escape (Steelmage)
    • Oriath's End (Steelmage)
    • Soul Ascension (Zizaran)
    • Rational Doctrine (rawlnx)
    • Nimis (Jungroan)
    • Entropic Devastation (GucciPradas)
    • Annihilation's Approach (imexile)
    • We introduced 18 new currency items, including the coveted Recombinators that were introduced in the Sentinel Expansion. A lot of these are still floating around on Standard!
    • We posted roughly 2128 lines of patch notes for PC and 1861 lines of patch notes for Console.
    • We sold 212587 wetas this year!

    Thank you so much for your support in 2022. We look forward to another amazing year for Path of Exile!
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    Grinding Gear Games
    happy new year!!
    Happy new year GGG!
    Happy new year !
    Happy New Year!
    Streaming Path of Exile on Twitch:

    “There are only two great tragedies in life: one is not getting what you want and the other is getting it.” ―Oscar Wilde
    Happy New Year GGG
    Happy new year!
    Her beauty did not fade
    her humanity did not survive.
    Happy new year!

    "We added Archnemesis to the game.
    We removed Archnemesis from the game."

    LOL, nice one!
    cool, thanks for another great year.....heres to many more.
    Happy new year! Oh and cleave was buffed? Neat!

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