Grinding Gear Games has been growing and we've expanded into more of our office building. We're finally settled into our new space and wanted to share some photos with you. The new office space is on the top floor of the building and is home to our Audio team, UI team, and all of our Live Operations (System Administrators, Web Developers, Producers, QA and Community Team).

We are still occupying the same office space a floor down and a floor below that, so we're slowly taking over the majority of the building we're in. If you're interested in taking a peek into a part of our studio, check out the photos below! (Note that these photos were taken first thing in the morning before many people had arrived for the day)

The right side of the floor is occupied by the QA team - Good morning!

Here's another view of QA's space. The audio team's room is situated behind the camera in this photo!

Here's the audio team's space with Michael's desk on the right! (Michael is our new composer)

Here is another angle of the audio team's room

Here is some miscellaneous audio equipment with a view back out to QA

Kamil's new office where he's working steadfastly on Path of Exile 2's soundtrack

This is one of the most exciting parts of our new upstairs office - the recording studio! This allows us to bring voice actors to the studio to record them onsite. This is also where we do other in-house recordings - like when Eben records the new Build of the Week videos!

The recording booth where we get our voice actors to work their magic!

Past QA is the rec room, where our team takes breaks and hangs out

Here is the view from the rec room!

Development fuel

Our flask tab in the guild stash

More snacks - bananas for scale

The kitchen - where coffee is made and people microwave fish to display their dominance

When you travel through the rec room, you reach the left side of the floor with more working space

The meeting room is tucked to the right and is equipped with TV for pitching ideas and a whiteboard for outlining future plans. This one has plans for our 3.20 league laid out so naturally we've redacted that from this photo.

One of the Kitava statues that competitive racers won years back

One of the Malachai statues

Malachai and Kitava alongside Solaris and Lunaris

The producers' corner!

Here's where our sysadmins sit - aka the home of 'have you tried restarting your computer?'.

A shot of the whole left side of the floor, featuring some game designer's desks

This desk belongs to Dane, one of our 3D artists. The UI team are situated behind him!

This block of desks belong to our UI programmers and 2D artists!

Finally, this is where our community team sits! You can see Matt working on Build of the Week!

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Grinding Gear Games
looks great...
Neat! Free snacks!!
UI team ?

it's amazing ggg have this department
It looks great but you should still nerf it
I like it... expecting someone to make a joke about the QA desks being empty though.
Android: Netrunner in that last photoshoot... I miss that game!

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