Where to Find Info on Launch Day

Reddit needs help. We giving them time out.
Get rolled Reddit.
"we have had requests from players who prefer not to be on reddit to have our primary communications elsewhere"

yeah, right
Very good choice. I’ve seen you stop posting in Reddit should of done this a long time ago.
dorkdude2 wrote:
if you are going to go ahead and cross post to the toxic cesspool known as twitter can you also just cross post on reddit to instead of ignoring it like the red headed step child?

this way people can choose where to interact with it.


This is stupid...

Just post it everywhere? It's not difficult to figure out.
Yes, more of this. I'm tired of having to go on twitter/reddit for news regarding Path of Exile.
Thank you <3
Fantastic news, thanks Bex, you're the bext!
Just a lowly standard player. May RNGesus be with you.
I am not confident that this will mitigate the rate at which questions come in and that using ctrl + f in the RaQ post with keywords will guide a person to the answers they seek. Asking in game or live chats seems more appealing.
Like individual content creators, the reactions you recieve are a direct result of your own actions. Create mess > hide from it. Classic.

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