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What will be happend? (when all the times nerf the skills)
Pretty sure not a single soul cares, but i am very very upset and dissapointed. You basically killed build i was going to play, and destroyed time i've spent working towards it, thanks for destroying curses, especially despair and whole occultist class. woah......................cant believe. worst thing you could've done. ffs, despair was not that strong....ffs u took away everything.
Eshimi wrote:
arbitre wrote:
count2potato wrote:

Means you cannot use withering step on movement skill bind, can still run the build.

Is not the move skill bind, now step cant by used again until Elusive effect other words 7-10 seconds. all Builds based on Witherin De-buff with withering step are virtually DEATH (like 13 builds in total)

Good game GGG, u kill 13 builds in the way to try nerf 1 single build....again. Is very SAAAAAAADge

Do you actually know how Elusive from withering step works?As long as you are not generating elusive from other sources - elusive from step dissapears when you use a skill.
Think before you write something.

The point is GGG manifest is not really clear, and you are the only one answer my question properly, in almost 40 pages.

Other way, Thx alot for answer, rly i scared about GGG can nerf "collaterally" other builds in the path to nerf a single one, is not the first time.
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Nice nerfs.

When you think someone can't count, and you write about buffs.

I don't like these "slightly buffed, mostly nerfed" changes. Either clearly buff or nerf, not this wishy-washy junk, make it clear what the result will be.

Also slightly peeved about Spectral Helix, there aren't that many skills worth playing and it's not at all that easy to play to begin with. It has weak range and you're stationary most of the time, which is dangerous.

My smile and optimism, gone. Standard it is.
The end is nigh
I want to point out my dissappointment that with the deletion of the Brawn AND Split Personality Unique Jewels you kill two major and popular sources for Attribute stacking characters.

meh :/
Why the hell did you remove the "50% increased Life Recovery from Flasks when used on Low Life" Life Mastery? It was so good! wtf?!
Maybe next one will be better.

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