Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

I'm not entirely sure why didn't you adress the issue with bricking items if you don't hit lucky annul after filling your prefixes/suffixes on non-eldritch items.

You've checked it and it seems fine to you or completely skipped it?
Was really hoping for some changes to some minion archetypes such as Spectres which are in a rough spot at the moment and aren't really playable.

League mechanic looks alright but the patch notes are incredibly disappointing at least for me.
Really sad to see hotfooted and replica go. Guess self ailment builds are still fine but I found those really interesting
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FINALLY!!! Onslaught is recognized as a Buff O.O no more discrimination against it and in favor of Fortify :P
That means Raider gets the Onslaught Buff Icon right? :)
Onslaught is now a Buff, and can be scaled with Buff effect.
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All I want is old firestorm and maybe a vaal version
Hexblast got buffed already since patch notes were posted! We need more outrage, maybe it will finally be viable after 3 or 4 post updates :)
Atlas tree was perfectly well rolled and that's why everyone really liked it. You nailed it the first time just as it should be, don't ruin something that's working really good.
At the moment we can really think and customize between more contents.

If you want to balance out contents than nerf or buff them directly not by forcing players to allocate all passives of a single content that's boring and utterly bad balancing.
More stronger and less white pollution screen mobs = heathier game experience.

No buffs to player experience?
Just to clarify, the only the added damage effectiveness of spectral helix has been changed, and the base attack damage on it has been left the same?

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