Content Update 3.20.0 -- Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum

alex_disp wrote:
Everyone saying that there are no Skill buffs, but there is a big skill buff - Archnemesis was removed, so it's a buff for ALL skills' damage as monsters will not be as tanky as they were before. We need to try and see how it actually feels but I suspect that rare monsters got noticeably weaker.
Also, there's indirect buff to bossing with every skill by using appropriate curses - For example, just a regular lvl20 Flammability now gives a whopping -36% fire resist for pinnacle bosses while previously it was only -14% (33% of -44 fire resist). That's a bonus -22% fire resistance from nothing.

Yes ... sure ... but are you sure, they tell us everything? :D You rly think, they nerf monsters for free? :D
Streamer priority, loot nerf and more ... dont trust GGG anymore
Mostly good patch:
I love the melee stuff (new gems, vaal versions and unique changes),
I like the hex changes,
I love the unique buff/tier increase,
I love the deletion of Archnemesis,
I love the atlas tree changes,
I like the new currencies,
I like the meta shake-up

but support minions really need some love (base life of melee minions and spectres)... and
under-used skills still need a buff...

MTX looking great but I will not buy anything before week 2, I learned that lesson last league.
If it wasnt for the interesting league mechanic, i probably wouldnt have considered playing the league to begin with. Judging by these changes, i feel even more like as if the retail game is being maintained by a skeleton crew. Guess its all about poe2 now. Kinda boring.
Quite sad i won't be able to play Armageddon brand this league also, I really wish they would change it so it would stop falling behind the target it would be perfect, even if they reduce the damage by a high margin.

Ill just be forced to play storm brand again because its actually playable and it hits the enemies.
I truly don't understand reaction from community. They don't fix craft and loot. Look like a loot goblin still in the game but you will not know what the mob is exactly loot goblin. But community is happy. If you like it, why are you complained last league? Cuz everything will be the same but with new nerfs.

GGG just posts another bunch of nerf w\o significant buffs. I will try this league as usual but seems that experience will be pretty the same as last league.

btw, league mechanic looks very promising. The key point is reward. If the rewarding is the same as Kalandra league, so, gg wp.

To summarize, I still don't see that GGG listens their community. They just push their own vision. I hoped this vision was moved to Ruthless and soft-core players could give some fun but I was wrong.

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posts on a few last pages consolidate my concerns, joining them.

also, no Palace again? Really? Is this divine card so overtuned that you can't add this map to the pool?
Problem: Players are having fun in Path of Exile.
Solution: Remove fun.
Nevermind, all good.
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Heh, knew it they wouldn't be able to run without Kadiro and gold coins for long. Prospero demands tribute. ;)

Love the trailer music and the new types of memories.

The rest... we'll see. The concept seems OK if well done, but, well, that's a big if.
roundishcap wrote:
Honestly GGG should make the game they want to make.

These patch notes kill a lot of fun builds I enjoyed. By Kill I mean like a 40-50% effective damage nerf if I don't do a lot of adjustment. Still playable, maybe even competitive; however, the way to gain damage and defense boils down to a couple of methods that every build employs.

Hexblast looks super awkward now, the extra long casttime and losing like 200% extra damage from doom. Still it can be spammed now, and maybe automated in an effective way. Mines/traps might be pretty neat.

Despair lost a lot of identity as a curse, and a lot of chaos dot skills may need 25% dps increases to make up for its removal.

most other curses lost a cool weird part of identity as it seems they got homogenized. Temp chains is going to be way easier to slot in at least.

Curse effectiveness is going to be a trap for a lot of builds since most curse baselines are much lower. Some niche builds are going to be less effective against pinnacle bosses because they were super stacking effectiveness.

It feels like the game is halfway between what it was and what it is going to be, this adjustment period would be better if the bandaid was ripped off so to speak. If they rolled out the gem changes that are going to be in poe2, that would be so much better than slightly buffed items, fractured orbs, or whatever. We need core gameplay concepts from poe2 to be put into this game, and it should be done sooner than later. The longer the game sits like this, the more it feels like poe2 is dead on arrival.

So delusional lol But don't worry that's normal by the look of the comments here most of the community are also.
More stronger and less white pollution screen mobs = heathier game experience.
"Aren't you thankful?"


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