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Ticklebear wrote:
Bigger waste of resources than all the badges to the right of this post.

this guy knows and i'm with you!
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koskesh539 wrote:
No. Balance changes made to Ruthless have no bearing on the main game. If we feel a change is good for the main game, we'll just make it there as well.

Can´t wait for this myth to be debunked. It´s going to be a long way for you guys to gain the trust back.

the trust of whom?
people the game was never designed and marketed for?
So hyped to eventually try ruthless!
"Is Ruthless being used to test balance changes that are intended for the main game?
No. Balance changes made to Ruthless have no bearing on the main game. If we feel a change is good for the main game, we'll just make it there as well."

Please dont
Keep your nice, well thot thru balance ideas to ruthless only, i beg you
Let us be happy once again in the main game

Use this to see how much your "good balance ideas" has been costing to the game
Ashriel wrote:
warpg8 wrote:
Someone is going to have to explain to me how Ruthless "isn't taking away resources from PoE or PoE2" but also has a bunch of stuff going on to make the game playable and balanced within Ruthless.

There's no way senior designers aren't going to be looking at Ruthless and going "hey, that looks fun, let's port that over to PoE proper as well". You guys have had piss poor communication, obfuscated facts to protect sales (and whether it was your intention doesn't matter because that's the perception you created), and then doubled-down on the most unpopular decisions in the game's history when the changes to loot for 3.19 were purely numerical and could have been reverted or at least walked back like 80% or 90%.

This is an absolutely massive waste of time and resources that will be incredibly unpopular after the novelty wears off and everyone heads back to SC Trade.

The same way console development and the same way the Tencent buyout didn't take away from the game.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
Varana wrote:
Reshemin wrote:
nah. not requoting me own stuff.

This is an Alpha test. Meaning, by definition, they're going to look at findings and feedback and adjust the code as and when they feel necessary.

Maybe Grasping Vines and other slows (cough Spriggans cough) will prove to be enough of a problem that they'll modify or remove them entirely for the whole game... hopeful.

Hate to be a nitpick but it's not an Alpha but a Beta test... technically (like a lot of the game at any given time anyway apparently). You might be correct though... not only lately I get the feeling they don't actually think too much about proper Alpha testing before rolling out publicly, making it Beta then... which was what I was boggled about here once again.

Thanks for the Spriggans, didn't even think about them yet. Did think about firing some AoE thing while being swarmed by a pack of elemental bombers, though...

I seriously doubt it leads to slower gameplay if you force everyone to farm for at least +25 movespeed boots (which are, apparently, so rare and exciting on top) before they can start playing without getting instagibbed by [insert_random_effect_here] every d6 minutes. Hell yes, I am a sceptic beyond reclaim indeed...
A lot of panic over a free optional game mode in a free game :0

(Nobody will survive those exploding egg dudes in Riverways)
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Awesome, please make permanent skin transfers so we can destroy Alt Arts and have them on our account!
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
"It's something we'll take in consideration. The way we're looking at it is if a mechanic is impossible without being able to teleport away, it should be changed for both Ruthless and the core game." - That is A LOT to change. You know that, GGG?

*poop part of the shrek boss (that is despized by many infinite hunger, if you somehow did not catch on)
*Most of Maven
*eater of worlds's Inescapable doom
*Exarch's ball phase.
*Some archnemesis.
*Atziri and Cortex? Maybe managable. Maybe.
*Basically anything Sirus related
*Anything Uber related.

It seems there will be few capable of getting even past kitava, but anyway.
Why the fuck are you disabling challenge's for everyone for this stupid mode?

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