The spooky season is rapidly approaching, so the seasonal Halloween microtransactions are now available in the shop for a limited time! Thirteen frightful microtransactions are returning from past Halloweens to help you bring about some festive scare. Check out the full list below, or get yours here.

On display in the Entombed Hideout, we have two Dancing Skeleton Pets putting on a show for a spooky shadow, wearing the Scare Mask Helmet Skin and Spider Back Attachment.

These microtransactions will leave the store at 1pm November 4th (NZT) until they return again next Halloween!

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
It´s been years.. could you atleast update the graphics of these MTX-s if you are not gonna make new MTX-s for each years Halloween?
Mathils actual cat
Where old Halloween MTX's?

It is time for the skeleton to be added to my hideout.
I still think that the Doomcrow apparition would look a lot better with a proper, bloody splat effect :D
Any new Halloween MTX for this season coming later this week?
huh I thought the entombed hideout was an exclusive 2 years ago
In a recent(ish) patch you changed the way pets follow you, and they no longer stick to your character. Now they go offscreen immediately if youre moderately fast or use a travel skill.

This was a huge nerf to the skeleton mtx as you cannot watch them run. ):
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Bring back the witch's hat por favor. Gracias.

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