3.19.1c Patch Notes Preview

Thank you, guys ;)
Hell yeah! Preview of the notes we were already told about last week!

Love this skeleton crew we get dedicated to the current league time after time after time.
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Are you going to fix the connectivity issues plaguing US East?
maybe fix an?
Martiancore wrote:
"Skills target limit to 100"

Can someone clarify what this means please?

AoE skills typically have a maximum limit of enemies that can be hit simultaneously, to prevent extreme cases where too many monsters could run that many calculations for damage in one frame. This means that if you slam the ground with Earthquake, up to 100 enemies will be hit now, rather than the previous lower value (I don't know what number that is).
The volatiles on metamorphs are insane.
Were on a lake with an mtamorph and magma barrier...
I wasnt even able to attack because this mf spawned like 10 volatiles per second.

Reward? Nothing worthy.
Only 3 pages.

Ah, well.
GGG, are you sure you aren't rushing? It's only been a week since you announced to tweak like 3 numbers.

Chvrles wrote:
Less conversion on Jaguars just makes them deadlier now?
Huge base hit was compensated by the fact ele res negated some of the damage, but they now just absolutely truck with massive hits overall.

AND their leap timer is random now. Wouldn't want the player to know what the mob is doing when :D
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Molochmane wrote:
reverts on harvest when?

Not going to happen mate
I think lesser Archnemesis affixes to mobs should include loot transformations akin to what touched do. Not all loot the mob drops. Essentially bringing the rewards from archnemesis into the all new, all different rares. I mean you nerfed drops in the 1%, might as well distro it to the remaining 99% :D

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