3.19.1c Patch Notes Preview

After 2 weeks this is not out yet? xddddddddddddddddddddddd
Ra_tatatatat wrote:
After 2 weeks this is not out yet? xddddddddddddddddddddddd

They had to carefully determine the exact effects this change would cause to the player gameplay experience and playtest this patch extensively.
In exact and stark contrast to whoever went "Hey, you know that Arch Nemesis shit that we had as league mechanic? let's do that but to every rare and magic mob in the game" which was acted upon immediately and with no actual testing done.
Seriously, when I saw this was going to be added a week ago I thought, cool, these are actually good things being done.
Now, a full week later I see that the patch STILL hasn't been applied.
Any positivity that these changes gave has evaporated when realizing just how messed up the process here is.
I mean, It must be some hardcore programming to remove damage component from permafrost ground or toxic volatile orbs from blue mobs with Toxic mod.
Neighter this patch, nor the other ones, changes nothing. In its current state the game is punishing as well as unrewarding. Not worth my time. You can put sunglasses on a piece of sh*t it will stink nevertheless. You should heed what your playerbase say and want as long as you have any.
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The game is basically not worth playing right now, league was dead 2 weeks in... and we get like ice prison duration modifications, sorry, but this is just hilarious.

Ohh... but it will all fixed in POE2, the VISION must prevail, keep up the "good" work :))
What jokers.

Keep killing the game and loosing population long term.

Solo Self Found is unplayable [Removed by Support] now. No way to get your hand on proper stuff and if you even get someting close to decent, fussing and coloring it is impossible. It's first league where after throw away that many fussing can't even get single 5-link!

And that LIES about lowering amount rare monster, in merc lab often happen to run from 3 rare's only to found 4 or 5 more just by corner.
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Still w8 for next league... meh...
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Disabled the on-death ground effects for the Incendiary Archnemesis modifier for Magic monsters.
Disabled Volatiles from spawning on death when a Magic monster with the Toxic Archnemesis modifier is slain.

Do you get the clue, now? Just remove Archnemesis from magic monsters altogether. Just give them some increased life and damage and call it a day.
A perfumed turd is still a turd. Scratch at the surface just a little and the stench returns.
delete archnemesis and give me more loot

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