3.19.1c Patch Notes Preview

You don't see any issues with magma barrier spam?

Monsters can prefire these from behind walls for no reason before even being engaged too and they deal what feels like more damage than old volatiles even.

I don't even understand why it spawns so much shit while randomly absorbing all damage as well, it feels like it doesnt end sometimes. And then they all go off at random times too and you have to stop/move 5 times for them all to be gone and not fall over.
Last edited by Giniyo on Sep 19, 2022, 6:03:07 PM
For the love of jesus, please do something about the Heralding minions... Ive had herald on a devourer, offscreen.. underground.. heralding on me from million miles away when I wanna choose the next step for my lake tablet.
Mathils actual cat
Void Jaguar Influence monsters now have 50% of physical damage converted to cold damage (previously 75%), and now have a variable time before they can use their Leap Slam skill after spawning (previously a fixed time).

Martiancore wrote:
"Skills target limit to 100"

Can someone clarify what this means please?

its an increased nerf LMAO
Nice. League is awesome btw. Thanks GGG
Ah more nerfs that should have been here day 2. In a few week this league might be playable for casuals :thumbsup:
One thing i would like to point out is that, magma barrier spams too much volatiles, and they are not rewardful like god molested rares. Maybe increasing the cooldown on volatiles would help a bit for rips
Good changes, but the problem with lake - you spending so many time to create it. Its good league mechanic, but you need 5+ maps to finish it and thats bad.
reverts on harvest when?

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