3.19.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Emergency "buffs" when the league has already died long ago, nice try chrissy boi

How is this comment offensive/negative? Why is this dude on probation?
Man, bugs like that sapped ground thing is pretty unacceptable with a HC mode. Glad I didn't play HC this league.
where kalandra lake buff?
I did the /recheck_achievements command and it didn't update. I'm registered with 25 challanges and when I look in my challange log it shows 26.

What should I do?
I see 30 challenges on your profile. Try emailing support if it isn't fixed yet.
Improments for beast farming yellow/red management and changing red-vendor prices from 1alc - view-thread/3380585

Option to remove Deli music in maps view-thread/3450767

Please check them out!
40% builds are: 1- RF, 2- CoC ice spear/forbidden rite and 3 - lightning strike.
Please STOP Nerf eveything.

There's still a bug with the challenge count recheck achievements doesn't fix which is the number near your name is not the same as the number in the challenges tab (which is one lower). The mtx awarded follow the number near your name
Well done in most cases, the chances were cut by 1.5-2 times!
GGG Maybe you can immediately say in plain text that this is no longer a game, but a full-fledged job where you have to plow 12+ hours to get the result

It's a pity that interest in such a game is fading =(

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