An Overview of Upcoming Changes

So no reroll lucky, no prefix keep suffix, no suffix keep prefix, cuz sad people including streamers were getting items bricked by noobs....

And now they cry cuz it was removed...
Never invite Vorana, Last To Fall at a beer party.
There is literally 6 people in Standard League selling Vivid Crystallised Lifeforce. Let that sip in for a moment.

That's how bad Harvest is and it was every single person playing PoE favorite toy to play. Give it back, now! :D
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I would love to know why the GGG team made a follower monster that can't be defeated by melee combat, and how much the GGG team hates melee combat
I survive by sucking blood, if I encounter poisoning, I will die, if I encounter burning, I will die, if I encounter 4 affixes, I will die, and if I encounter any affix that hinders my blood-sucking, I will die, for the players who are weakened every season are really Too strong, monsters are not strong enough so next season we will continue to strengthen monsters, so that the game will be more interesting
No matter if I'm in tier 1 or tier 16, there will always be monsters that can kill me, it took me days, maybe I can't level up, is this what GGG wants players to experience?
Equipment should not be classified as a reward, because the uncertainty of affixes is too high, especially at higher tiers, the chance of naturally appearing good words is lower, making equipment is a later topic, but wild equipment should not be summarized as award
please nerf vortex and chilled ground in delve there are too many mobs spawning vortex
That's a start. PLEASE FIX MINION LIFE. It feels sooo bad that I had to change to a completely different build this league.
Revert all changes of 3.19 and people will come and play again, [Removed by Support].
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Reroll prefixes keep suffixes/ reroll suffixes keep prefixes

Why did you remove this? Makes absolutely no sense.
Just gate it over a high lifeforce cost - problem solved.

Have people who actually play the game review your changes before releasing? All of this drama could have been avoided if you just had people preview your changes and tell you what's wrong with them. Get some knowledgeable streamers to help fix the game.

Also Kilandra is the worst league mechanic ever. People are just hoarding the mirror tablets since the rewards are mediocre. Make the mirror jewelry craftable and then you might get players interested.

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