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Laborday weekend, ggg said changes comming still nothing tainted still blows, and they are just silent. If changing shit for any time it would be for a holiday weekend. But yall just wanna alienate more of your player base. Go look at last epoch reviews..... 50% of them is poe is bad, maybe just maybe dont pull a blizzard situation.
For a long time i don't feel pleasure playing this game. I feel depressed, for real everytime you log on hoping for something good to heapen, i am the kind of player that grinds... i donno a whole day and to see yourself getting killed by a random mob is just sad.. You have to keep running and not face tanking nothing... what is the pleasure of a game when you can't do anything.

For real ppl saying stuff about other leagues but the only time i did something like going till end game was when i did Steelmage SST build and i killed Sirus... Man the feeling... was something exquisite, but after sometime i could do nothing.. and lemme say this i play this game since beta anyone can check my "achivements".

The game right now with all of this BS that who knows pushed to US players is.. how can i say without "hurting feelings"... depressive, for real very very depressive, ytou don't feel the rush when killing and dropping something good hard or not and of course dying for hard mob's and because you are stubborn (me at least) i go again, and again till my portals run out.. to see flasks? some useless currency like i laugh cause if not i cry...

For real i spent more than 5 thousand hours in this game (could be more this is just steam) and the feeling after doing a T16 map is like doing something bad, the bad taste and i donno after 1 or 2 hours i just close the game and stare into the screen asking me why i am doing this to myself...

The game now feels like a bad drug that i need my fix and after tasting it i feel bad about myself, about life, what i am doing wrong.

I'm not joking i'm a DAD with two beautiful girls, have a good job a lovely wife which i love very much. BUT i like to turn off my brain and play something for fun. And right now POE is not this, "vision" or not this game is not for me anymore, and i feel sad, very sad cause it feels to me like the game is expulsing me with this stuff.

Im just another number for your charts, but because you guys only look "these charts" like any other freaking job you forget that what makes those "marvelous" charts are people with feelings.

It's ok to make a bad decision and no need to beat the bush its ARCHNEMESIS everyone knows its the culling of HARVERST, and you guys say that it's to keep the power creep in check... But the same players are always exploding the screen always killing maven, sirius and everything you threw at them, and hey they are not what make's this game or your charts for the "executives" it's the 99% others..

These 1% will play the game cause they know how to circunvent ANYTHING that you guys create.

So yeah... keep your game keep your "vision" lose players and i don't know i hope you guys at least are happy with this... I'm not but hey i'm just a number who cares.
I think there should be a vote regarding the arch nemesis mods in the game.
Remove or Keep. 70+ mods on creeps that you cannot actually predict. Basically cast on death portal is mandatory now. What the hell is the point of this?
With the archnemesis mods, it would be nice if certain combinations of the buffs on monsters didn't stack. For instance, something that makes them really hard to damage combined with insane regen would make an enemy you can't kill. It's fine to have a bit of difficulty for players to overcome, but not to the point where it's just straight out impossible no matter what. :)
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Pirokator wrote:
I feel depressed, for real everytime you log on hoping for something good to heapen, i am the kind of player that grinds...

Your post made a lovely impression on me, I will allow myself to write it in a different way.
- in the bookstore I asked if there were no Chris Wilson manifestos - the bookseller asked who? - I explained that he is a leading artist of the 21st century with modern visions, his treatises are as extensive as Marx I Engels.
-even after my own children, I did not collect as much garbage as after GGG on only one screen
- in poe I have access to so many chats through which I meet so many interesting people that I answered the cashier in the grocery store - thx, gl.
- I want Chris Wilson for president.
Thank you for the updates.
Snorkle_uk wrote:

maybe what u need to do is re evaluate this love you have for magic find, its a trash mechanic, if you want more loot then make your character more powerful and ull kill more monsters per hour with more juice and that gives u more loot.

this idea of making ur character less powerful to get more loot is just lame and silly, and it always going to be open to this idiotic situation of that less powerful character being in a group with more powerful characters and getting the best of both worlds in a situation that a solo player cannot replicate and is massively disadvantaged by.

magic find is a trash concept, get over it and remove it from the game.

im voting with my wallet, just bought a supporter pack that costs more than a new AAA game here in the uk. juicing nerfs are a little strong but on the whole i think correct and needed.

thumbs up.
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