3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Still a huge downer get your act together.
Those changes don't affect anything and neither will the previewed ones for later. Is everyone on vacation or something?

(The real answer is they want the game to be worse of course, but I'll play this wordplay game as long as they do)
Monster packs are massively nerfed, this wont solve anything
>Map Bosses now drop fewer items

Best way you could possibly start this particular post
So bosses will drop even less currency?

”Strongboxes will drop at least one item”? This is a buff. Great, now I can enjoy the white level 30 base after fighting the Archnemesis rares from the box for 3 minutes, awesome! Really appreciated!

3.19 might actually be the patch where Path of Exile starts going downhill. I am really sad to see this happening, but it was inevitable. I just hoped the game would start dying due to a release of even better ARPG game, not due to the company not caring about the game.

I would really want to see an interview of Chris to give us the answers to our questions. Please make it happen, I would like to see Zizaran, Ghazzy, ZiggyD interviewing Chris and demanding answers. But I know this will not happen. No comments from GGG to apology, because this is how they want the game to be. They don’t want to say it out loud, thus Chris will not attend any interviews.

I am sad, I don’t know what else to say.
Why are there 2 changes listed for influenced rare items?

First it goes from 1000 to 6000 (I hope it's a mistake and it means it goes from 10000 to 6000) and at the end it says it goes from 6000 to 1000.
u idiots the arch monsters still do alot of dmg
karmosaur wrote:
Very good

No, it's not very good. I ran a map and there was no loot. But you will find out by yourself.
Samburiyura wrote:

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