Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players


PS4's browser is unreliable. Unlike with Xbox and their Microsoft Edge, we never got any QoL updates. In fact, when it came to the PS5, Sony said "lol nope sorry, no browser for you." Yeah, PS5 doesn't even have a browser you can actually browse with. It can be opened via an in-game link (usually for patch notes,) but you can't directly access it. You can't alter the URL at all, you can't change or close tabs, etc etc.

So making Trade Site an all-round thing is going to be annoying for PS4 players, and downright unfair for PS5 players. Not all of us have phones that can browse the trade site well, either.

Unlucky me, I suppose. I play on the PS5 and have a recently obsolete iPhone 6S. Great c:
Ice Shot Deadeye 'till the day I die
Please don't take away the trade market, all third party trade stuff is insanely dumb. Both systems great, but please don't break something just to GGG it! I worship your game will play through all nerfs, but if you ruin trade and get rid of the trade market, it would be a deal breaker. Dont GGG this, just make reddit mad, please please please DO NOT remove the trade market.
"We actively want to avoid trade being too fast and easy."

Ugh, was hoping for improvements to pc trading which is by far the worst aspect of this game.
I just checked on the Path of Exile community and I'm over the moon to see the response to Harvest! Even when you're super confident in a launch, you're always afraid people will hate it or something terrible will happen. It's such a relief and a joy to see how happy everyone is! - Bex 20 Jun 2020
One of the finer points no one has touched on yet is everyones ignore list on console. Since there are quite a bit less players on console a good portion of the big fish bicker and fight with other big fish leading to lots of /ignoring. On xbox i would guess maybe only the top 100 or 150 players significantly contribute to most of the endgame items. The amount of ignoring between those will lead to a horrible trade experience. Its one thing to try and bid on an item to find you have been ignored, but its quite another when you tab out, load ms edge, use the antiquated search, finally find the item, copy, tab back in, and paste whisper only to then find out you have been ignored. I would love to see the stats on player retention a day or 2 after they dump tradeboard. Believe me, the tradeboard is far from perfect, but poe trade on console gonna be a dumpster fire.
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OK but why does trading have to be difficult too? It makes no sense.

Console trade market works perfectly fine as is.
Trade on consoles was the main advantage I saw to playing there (when I allowed PoE to take up space on my limited PS4 hd)... now I'm certainly not putting it back on there.

I fundamentally disagree with your trade manifesto on several levels, as well.
vladimirxk7 wrote:
"work towards the goal of having Path of Exile be identical regardless of which platform you're playing on."

Does this also mean a unification with the Chinese POE Client or its just an excuse for the maintenance of POE's Neanderthal trade system?

Zomphere wrote:
Absolutely terrible. It going to be so AIDS trying to switch between browser and game etc trying to trade for an item that sold 20 minutes ago. Not to mention how bad the trade bots are. The only thing console really had over pc was trade and now thats gone, ggg. This may be the nail in the coffin for console.

WHAT? Trade on console for anything that wasn't uniques was awful. Even with regex search, finding the right item was a trial of patience and going through a LOT of pages.

I was considering swapping back to PC this league, this change means I can safely stay a console player. Unless I want to play a left click skill, but that's a different problem.

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