Enabling the Trade Site for Console Players

MaxW81 wrote:
I_am_Heinz wrote:
A lot of the players who complain here about this change don’t get how much console trade environment needed this . We were plagued by price fixers and group who could just set prices for whole item stocks. If you have a problem with using 3th party software or an website to trade you didn’t even played the game for real before the changes and probably just followed a YouTube video guide and stopped playing in yellow maps. But for everyone who already used PoB , poe Ninja etc. and really played this game . This change is just great because you finally get a fair trade environment over the Russian groups that price fixed stuff for years on console

Most of your points could be dealt with by insta buyout function.
You certainly know about these powerful trading tools allowing you to price check gear without even leaving the game. Console does not have this option. This means Console players who dont have a PC in the same room will be sat at a brutal disadvantage. And no, I have a PC next to my console so it would not hurt me as badly aside form the MASSIVE QoL loss for cheap trades.

Nah not even PC next to your console will help you. It would be a MUST to play on PC if we get crossplay cuase there is so much 3rd party programs that skyrocket your progress its like driving on honda civic 2008 vs ferrari. Console players will be absolute plebs who got handicapped vs actual PC gamer in event of crossplay.
This a an absolutely terrible idea. Any system that takes players out of a game to function is just bad design, plain and simple.

One of the few good things about console Poe and you are going to remove it. Idiots!

Use your phone you say it will be easy you say. Ok this is from a company whose passive skill tree on their own website won't function on a phone. Sure you can open it but you can't scroll around making it completely useless.

I can't fathom how anyone thinks taking players out of a game to use out of game assets to complete basic game functions is a good idea

Please don't do this and come up with another plan.
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So... GGG think there are no other problems?
Thousands of bots because of which the trading site is always not working for the first weeks.
95% of the players who put up an offer on the site are silent.
Endless spam messages, if God forbid you put up a price for 1 chaos orb cheaper than others.

Good job, GGG. Really "Good Job"
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The trade API is busted. Would love to actually be able to trade in standard during this very limited time between leagues :(
bi4rep wrote:

Nah not even PC next to your console will help you. It would be a MUST to play on PC

Yeah I already mentioned the third party tools. Also forcing console only havers to use the awful built in browser to use the trade site should be considered torture and be punished by law.

If it comes this far which I hope it doesnt then I may have to have a second copy of PoE running on old and slow toaster and do all trades from there. If GGG even bothers to block that I may not play at all.
This is great. Thank you GGG.

You’re going to get a lot of negative feedback from the console crew. I already see several known price fixers/flippers/exploiters/RMTers crying in the comments. Love that!

But the fact of the matter is that this is a GOOD change for us. We struggle so hard to min-max our rare jewels, purchase high end t1 fractured bases, forget about trying to buy +1 charge synthesized rings, they're bought by the same player every league and “flipped”.

Dropping a mirror will actually hold significant value now. I’ve done it once, and thankfully I was lucky enough to have a guild member hit a 4x T1 +2 arrow thicket to use it on that league. But for the majority of players, it means you either sell it to someone trying to rip you off, or you use it on an item that would never get mirrored in the first place. There’s really only a handful of us who actually try to make mirror tier items each league. Now we will have access to many more perfect items.

In the short term, it sounds very jarring. But in the long term this is a change we needed. See you in the lake!
Any system that takes players out of a game to function is just bad design, plain and simple.

100% True.
This is not a change I would want in console. The game is already very complicated and difficult to convince new players to get into and now you want them to toggle to the crap browser just to look up an item and go back to the game just to go through the player interaction that PC players have been complaining about. It's a step back from the trade board for sure.

I like the idea of crossplatform play but there has to be a better way to achieve this.
this is cool but i still don't get why we have to use a website instead of having the market ingame. just press a button and open the market. we have 2022 you know >.<
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