[3.23 UPDATED] Bergerbrush's Beginner Friendly Death's Oath Occultist

Victtorius wrote:
Elocau wrote:
Hello, I follow this build after my starter with SRS Bombing and it's really very good to complete the maps quickly and the guide is really very well explained. I noticed that I couldn't do enough damage on the T16 100% delirious maps the mobs don't die and I can't resist damage. Is there a way to improve this?

With my limited knowledge I'll say 100% delirious with this build is no go, same with full simulacrum. You would need to play some very meta skills and/or put in 50+ divines. But they all suck at clear (except I guess minions? But I don't know how powerful they are since the big nerfs).

Every build I played was at least decent at clears with under 50 divs budget and 100% deli was possible BUT really slow and unenjoyable.

I would also say that, 100% T16 dei is not for this build really. I did 60% T16 deli maps a bit last league and the league before that. But nothing more^^
October83 wrote:
Many problems with the levelling guide, but the most important one :
- The PoB is not updated straight to the 3.21, it has to be updated into the PoB software.

Another thing i've found annoying is the author advices to level with PC.
Since the nerf in this league, it's not as appealing at all as it was in the past. Plus, the gems adviced do not overlap the build so, in mono/multi it's very weak and too many life flasks consumming.
For example, before 3.21 i levelled for fun a PC build in Standard league, inbetween the Sanctum and Crucible leagues. During the 3.20 patch, i destroyed the Act2 Boss, and yesterday it was close to be a tremendous disaster.

So, i strongly recommend to level with TR Ballistas. If you reroll just grab the good ol'fashion levelling items (the "-" means sockets linked) :
- Goldrim (1G-1G, 1R-1R),
- Tabula,
- Lochtonial (whatever you want, i have 1R and 1G unlinked),
- Wanderlul (whatever you want, i have 1B-1G, 1R-1R)
- Hyrri's Bite,
- Le Heup,
- Karui Ward (or Ignomon if you want some chunks of eva and inc rarity of items found, and some fire res)
- And of course : Quill rain (3G-1B),

And go blast the über annoying 10 acts.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/Jq5A5h37
It's the Ziz PoB by the way

I league started PConc this league and it was just as good as ever. The only change they made was charge consumption, and you bypass that pretty easy with the new leveling tree.

Welp. Now Trying aspect of the spider (trying to see if i keep enfeeble or temporal chain with despair)


if i definitly keep one of these 2 auras up there is there a good support for curses auras ?

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Inc AE should be good because it let's you explode further away targets --> Bigger Chainexplosions.
Yup! , But I'll have to do something about mana reservation first (3 passives points lefts to try that)

For the time being I have to recraft 2 helms :

So that mods would match this :

I'm broke since i bougth this :

And fused many other bow on this to rework the tree
Has anyone tried swapping out the Caustic Arrow setup for explody totems?
Has anyone tried swapping out the Caustic Arrow setup for explody totems?

Is it ever possible in this build...? Or would it take you to modifie many tree nods?

Ok no I got Viridi's veil back and i'm lvling another vitality gem : that put me to 8 auras...

Lol.... still being deleted by 7 essence beast or mere meteor drops..... sadjeness
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Vaal Caustic Arrow reached lvl 30 on Bow \o/

But I'm still a handfull of sqwichiness lol
I have been testing this build with a mageblood and some other small tweaks to help damage out. Seems like the higher maps one shots still a problem and life draining quickly from deaths oaths.

Does Inspired Learning work when slotted in the guide? I never noticed any monster buffs. I don't think Fangs of the Viper notable is within the radius.
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