Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

More Buffs Please!
Really want more numerical buffs to many skills, especially melee.
...or at least less nerfs to defensive layers...
3.18 was by far the worst/least fun league launch I have experienced in my 8 years with this game.

We really needed a feel good manifesto. We have been pleading for melee to be viable for years.

This manifesto is nothing but less less less. Nothing about this feels good
necro is picked too much for being a necro why is it penalized? if i am wanting to make a minion build it is probably because my desire to play it aligns with the class fantasy of a necromancer, not a chieftan or templar that can summon corpses to explode or raise. The changes/nerfs themselves are not what is mystifying me its the explanations for them.

I do not like losing unset rings for bone rings and the spell suppression talent buffs don't look like a lot for what we are losing (lose 10%+ for 3% on a passive. Kinda sounds boring, but we'll see.

Talking about defensive layering changes and then minion build gear investment makes me feel like they're about to get hit on both ends.
OK again nerfed league... this league not easy (huge boost all rare enemy mobs with previouse league mechanics), every day die (running T16 boosted maps + blight ravaged maps), and GGG again nerfed defence ???

I am not causal player, but for causal this endgame will be unplayable... :D

And melee builds is again dead :D
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Higglefrizz wrote:
More Buffs Please!
Really want more numerical buffs to many skills, especially melee.
...or at least less nerfs to defensive layers...

"Firestorm now has one impact every 0.15 seconds (previously every 0.2 seconds)" - HERE. Here is your buff.
Good Job GGG finally nerfing the metacuck andy's.
-Professional Fish
The big majority of the player base can't do the Uber bosses without a carry, and by far the most Uber bosses got killed by cast on death builds.

So it would only make sense to nerf defence and reservation for auras (you you have atleast 1 less aura, plus the defiance one is less strong) so the Uber bosses are only for the elites that play PoE for a living... Guess we get yet another league buying carries for challenges at TFT...

And here I was thinking they wanted to reduce the impact of these communities.

Well trought trough.
You want to replay us the weaker versions of the builds we played in the previous leagues. At least you should give us new skills so that we can enjoy the game.

We don't like to know that no matter how hard we try and play the same builds, it will not be able to catch up with the strength in the previous league. Instead of nerfing the strong, why not buff the weak and give us a wider game quality?

If the 5 auras that I used in the last league decrease to 4, it will not give me a good game experience, but if you buff a skill that I hesitated to play because the last league is weak, and if you make me play that skill, it will be a good game experience.

Playing seismic trap by the top 20 people in league does not make seismic trap a skill that needs to be nerfed, it shows the inadequacy of other skills in league.
Break and nerf, new and renew, the wheel spin endlessly to make more money and the dumb rats (players) run in the wheel.
Answer me GGG, how melee play with this??? Look at melee population in 3.18 and you still nerf em lol

It seems you looks at the top streamers and mirror tier players, thinking.. "ok they too tough. we gotta nerf this we gotta nerf that" while new players and low-mid ex players can't play like them.

My friends left bcuz they can't grind, not to endgame even leveling 80-90 is unplayable.

How the game going without new player while you don't let em to play since ATC6.
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