Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Ahh yes 4th league in a row players have nerfed survivability, auras and mana reservation but we will still have nemesis mobs.
So we are getting fucked even more by the already fucked up mobs LETS GO GGG
Excited for the new league and to discover new ways of problem solving and dealing with what game throws at me! I am a big fan of balance changes every league. thanks a lot for putting the effort and updating the game and making us re-explore!
Honestly I'm fine with this I just hope enlighten is made substantially more common like it was in the past so players can plan on eventually having an enlighten 4 to fit in planned aura's

My fear is newer players or players with a more casual playstyle just lost an aura and you know thats going to be a defensive aura which just feels bad for the Archenemies gameplay we have now

As for minions , honestly I was waiting for spectres to be good again, I'm personally just going to pretend minions don't exist for a year or two we can Ill re visit those builds when they are back on the way up rather than on their knees kicked in the guts.

Hope the developers don't get too down, one new skill that's really good (please god) and all will be forgotten , maybe some more melee love in the actual patch notes could hype some people
Well done, each time I think that the game has reached it's worse state, they come up with old and non-exciting ways to dump it even further down the drain.
So pull out the next nerf hammer to player defenses and be at least honest enough to call it "1 shot league" or "Glass canon league".
This is so disappointing to see...
I'm just a casual player aiming for 12/24 challenges in a league, my usual minion build even with level 5 awakened gems can barely handle content (uber, maven stuff), and now it gets nerfed A LOT again. That's not "BALANCE" at all. If you want us to stop playing minion builds completely, just tell us straight that this is the direction you are headed.
sad changes
Nerfs to Defences and nerfs to aura reservation... the only things that made the game playable for Casual non rich market influencing players. Nice brain work done there -.- Nothing exciting, nothing new :O
This will be the first league from the beginning im going to skip
Thank you for buffing Cleave, this is a buff we all were waiting for! New meta is incoming!

ps. awefull nerf manifesto, why don't you just fix amount of life spent with lifetap and blessing? and also, really don't like mastery reservation nerf, this is a freaking bad manifesto.
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ka-lan-dra hype! ka-lan-dra hype!
Most of these changes were expected. I dont get why some players are so scared when these "nerfs" barerly changed anything. I don't like those joke filler skill changes like cleve. I hope there will be some new instresting skills revealed later tho, else seems bit stale. New uniques and skill can change a lot.
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