Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

lol, august league + again path of nerf, nice to look for next one :D
A bit scared about minion changes but excited nontheless for the new meta =)
Will bone helmets be able to roll minion modifiers also? Or will they remain unchanged?
Huge nerf to Chainbreaker
I just plugged the numbers into a spread sheet for Skeleton mages.

We do not know how good the new affixes on gear is going to be but I doubt very much they will be enough to get the build anywhere near as strong as it was.

As it stands. They now do only 33.32% of the damage they did last league.
That is a heck of a nerf.

As I was reading the patch notes I had an inkling of how bad it was. Each of the changes by themselves were not that bad but this game is all about compounding values on top of each other. (I sometimes wonder if GGG still know that about their game).
Frenzy/Power charge effect (Down by 66%)
Gem levels (Helmet, Ascendancy -3)
Reduced Added Damage (-50%)
Reduced damage (25%)

I do my own builds, I prefer to build tanky and less damage, (Both my wife and I hate dying) but the DPS is still usually fine to enjoy the game.

I got the cosmetic for Skellie mages last league. I'm not really one for visuals (game play matters more to me) but I like to pay for something I enjoy so that the provider is rewarded and stays in business. Apparently that was a big mistake. I always get something each league if I enjoy it. I will steer clear of stuff tied to skills from now on.
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Minions buffed?? Brain dead mechanics nerfed?? This might just be the greatest league yet.
mikesz5555 wrote:
Most of these changes were expected. I dont get why some players are so scared when these "nerfs" barerly changed anything. I don't like those joke filler skill changes like cleve. I hope there will be some new instresting skills revealed later tho, else seems bit stale. New uniques and skill can change a lot.

People don't scare, they just want to make the best decision as much as possible.
After 6 months, these where all the changes you came up with? This looks super meh.

All the nerfs to meta-skills reigns them in a bit, but not enough to not be meta. All the buffs to the off-meta skills does not appear to be anywhere near close enough to make them useful (but time will tell).

I agree that spell suppression is used by everyone, but taxing everyone 5-9 passive points to get the same 100% as before, just feels bad, when it is still a better defensive layer than the alternatives (max res/spell block). Slap some spell suppression on Haste or give us a 35% aura with spell suppression, or give us another real alternative.

Same with mana reservation nerfs. Yeah everyone is using many auras, but that is because we need those defensive layers to be able to do T16 maps. If you take those away, or tax them with more passive points, we need alternatives.

Feels like we are gonna see the same meta as the last 2 leagues, just with less damage, as everyone has to compensate for the defensive nerfs.

Hope the reveal and patch notes looks better than this, because this was a real hype-dampener :(
So in place of granting other ascendencies +2 to minion certain minion skills and limiting necro to just skellies, zombies, specters and the like you just nerfed it into the floor?

I don't even want to talk about Carrion Golem. But hey, most minions got minor nerfs. Non but Summon Phantasm got anything worth using, but hey, they all got buffs. I mean, now it might take a player 2 seconds in place of one to decide not to use the Reaper. And the worst part is that the nerf for the real minion problem, Skeletons, is ludicrously small. You barely Nerfed skellies, absolution or Arakaly's atrocities, and you barely buffed the rest. You needed to do a lot more if you actually expect minion build diversity.

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