Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

lake so lame... so boring and bad!
hope its not core and never will
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The manifesto is very well thought out and written but the effective result of the manifesto is an uncomfortable gameplay experience for no reason other than 'we like killing players' I guess.

The scaling of monsters is all broken since Archnemesis got added, I was already jaded since Metamorph league, one shots suck and will never be interesting no matter how much you force it.

Doesn't help you increase defences for players one patch then quadruple monster health AND quadruple monster damage.

It just turns every single play session into fear and anxiety instead of exploration and pleasure.

You really missed the mark this time, I'm hoping it's by accident because if it's not, I might actually learn to hate this game and I dislike things very rarely.
Please revert the changes until you figure out how to balance the game and stop losing players
ggg does not require players
I see that big red Ps4/Xbox update warning.

Never have I felt such pity for a game update being deployed.

This manifesto and following patch is not adressing the juice problem. Why make your maps riskier with more monsters if you can only lose exp and the loot is not worth it.

Please bring back a reason to juice up your maps. The point of a loot ARPG is gaining power to gain more loot.

Ps. Take a look at minion survivability.
The new update you introduced bricked most of the minion skills that are in your game. These updates were sold to us as an improvement.
Why not just delete headhunter from the game if you are going to take the good HH mods away from us?
not like i heard anything about removing prophecy uniques entirely this patch..
50 div build in kalandra
gets folded by t16 maps by AN mobs

nice game

peace out
hi guys. here's my thoughts.

i found an MIRROR this league! And... i dumped all of it into a off-meta character which normally takes around 20-50 divines to min/max.

After spending close to 2 mirrors this league, the character build is still poorly geared.
Have just uninstalled the game.

As a fan of the game, here are my 2 cents:
The new harvest system & the rebalancing of unique items are nice, kudos!

The new mechanics require me to put more time in the game than I would like to, still have work & family to take care of. The drop rates are pathetic. The contents are hard and unrewarding, not giving a good feeling while playing. Crazy builds are restricted => boring, where is the spirit of PoE? And the nerfs after nerfs in harvest are like cheap tactics to force players to play more, spend more time in the game, repeating the same thing over and over. And on top of that, seriously, lake is boring.
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F3LL3rt wrote:

Weaker build = more time to play = less outflow of players one month from the start of the league = better statistics

Any non meta build(fun) = "weaker"

More leave due to the harder progression wall than would ever stay

So no, that doesn't work

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