Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Seismic trap not nerfed? This is a joke?
Now I'am a bit scared because all this nerfes remind me the expedition league (even logo looks almost the same). Why do we got nerfes to defensive layers? People used to get a lot of defensive layers not because it easy or because they want to, it simply because without suppression/block, armour+evasion build are cant live at all. Like if you want to die every 2 or 3 map you can make a build without it, sure.

Buffs to unused skills looks pretty funny, Finally i can play my favourite cleave skill it now have additional 2 aoe, lol?

I really, REALLY hope we gonna see some good buffs after manifesto, otherwise this league gonna be annoyingly boring.
Yes please on that fortify!
a bunch of huge nerfs and tiny buffs, on brand unfortunately
My opinion:
I'm not happy about mana nodes removed, i would prefer to be splitted to smaller nodes instead, so they won't be so much powerfull.
Also i would like to see some buffs to archmage.
Fuck me specifically, got it. So glad I passed on giving you money recently!
My beautiful skeletons :(
Bad Seed
"The Reservation Mastery that granted 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills has been removed from the Passive Skill Tree."

So you have chosen scorched earth, okay.

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