Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

I guess we could've expected such harsh nerfs to certain stats. But holy, the brittle nerf, 50% omni nerf. That hurts alot more than expected. I kinda like the approach, but this league with Archnem going core felt super hard up until your build was able the shred the monsters to pieces imho. I'm intrigued to see, without sentinel going core, what will be possible with 3.19.

Atleast i know it's going to be another hell of a ride. POG!
Soske wrote:
The Reservation changes are completely unwarranted. We took them because we HAVE to, not because we want to. You balanced the game in a way where we're forced to take too many different auras, you can't complain that players are doing the exact thing you intended.

Exactly this. Grace is not fun. Determination is not fun. It doesnt provide a cool effect or change the gameplay. It just makes you take less damage (survive). If I could use more heralds for example, I would. But I cant, because dead players cant kill anything. The defense layers are there because YOU GGG made them mandatory. The solution to all of this is to nerf the crazy damage, THEN players could prioritize differently.
Well, there is always next league...
What an annoying read lol
Defenses are gone finally we can all focus on off screening and utilizing our portals i respect this choice
Cassia supremacy
*Remove the mana reservation efficiency mastery and reduce the power of the aura effect and life reservation efficiency masteries.*

Fk it. What was wrong with reservation? Mastery were perect mach...
juggernaut changes pog

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