Character Balance in Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

Very good
Problem: The Necromancer's Unnatural Strength notable passive skill is extremely strong for almost all minion builds due to how well minion skills scale with gem level. This skill makes it hard to justify using other ascendancy classes for minion builds.

So, you dont want the necromancer to be the only class playing minions (despite all the minion skills being placed in the witch area)

Problem: Spell Suppression is intended to be mostly accessible to characters on the right side of the passive skill tree. However, spell suppression values on item modifiers are high enough that any character can reasonably reach 100% spell suppression chance through items alone, and passive skills that grant suppression are relatively weak in comparison. This results in capped spell suppression feeling like a mandatory pickup for most characters that want strong defences, rather than mostly an option to complement evasion-focused builds.

Solution: Reduce the values of spell suppression granted by item modifiers. Increase the amount of spell suppression granted by passive skills and a few other sources.

¿This thing doesnt even make sense, which build can 100% spell suppresion only in items? are they talking about stuff only 1% of the player owns?

So they complain about "feeling like a mandatory pickup for most characters" and they're turning spell suppresion nodes mandatory aswell if you dont want to be obliterated.

GGG's destroying this game, theyre going nuts.

I get censored and harassed by 3 cucks now.
No significant buffs to slams or melee overall? Why cant we have nice things ggg?
stop nerfing defensives without giving other options , what u are doing right now is killing all the enjoyment .

also a big feedback here . stop balancing the game about the top 1-5% of the players that reach the endgame .
Is this an out of season April fools joke?

genuinely asking here because you nerf gems, nerf items, nerf the skill tree, nerf the potions, nerf reservation, nerf the ascendancies, if the announcement next week doesn't say you removed Archnemesis or severely adjusted the modifiers' drop rates this is a 100% skip league for anyone who values their time

dont argue that they are improving. sprinkling some 10% here and there does absolutely nothing
The list of skill buffs was comedic gold lol
Love the manifesto, great changes overall. But the falsk charges make me so sad, not for the power, but becouse of the qol it gave me. Pls dont make me 2345 every 6-8 sec pls ffs. I dont miss that, it ruined the gameplay so much.
Next league will be "better" Copium
Curious.. who hate minions at GGG sooo damm much xD
i agree some skills can do alot dmg BUT only if you invest alot to now you make it even more pain..early game going to be even worse
No change to Hierophant... disapointed

Minion, still require Spectres for every minion builds... disapointed

Melee, melee? wtf is a melee skill? nothing to see... disapointed

Overall it is a pretty meh manifesto

Typical -50% nerf +25% buff, overall a -25% nerf

You waste time playing with meaningless numbers

You need gameplay changes, not number change

Also you can make Sunger +50000% damage increase, it still gonna be a shit skill

Same for Reave
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