3.18.1c Patch Notes

I've had an enormous drop in FPS and stuttering since this patch. It'd be nice to get this dog patch rolled back, I'm tired of dying because I stuttered in a pack of monsters.
Strange how the dynamic resolution causes everything to get blurry now in my hideout whereas before this patch it was just fine. Hmmmmm

WoW.. yea.. just jumped into a map and it feels jittery. I don't know what you expect from us in terms of reporting things. All I can say is this game ran fine for me in all situations before this patch. Now it's just garbage. I was nearly done once this league started with all the nonsense going on. Now I'm really done until next league.

Your changes have me questioning whether or not my computer is about to take a shit. Considering this is the only thing I do on my PC that has any issues of this sort and I've noticed no changes elsewhere I assume it's not my PC.
Last edited by Durf on Jul 13, 2022, 5:13:20 PM

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