3.18.1c Patch Notes

remove mob conversion mods when?
game won't update for me on steam :(
Thank you, this one seems to be fixed but not fixed

Fixed a bug where Hexproof Enemies could sometimes be unaffected by Curses that affect Hexproof Enemies.

Secretary seems to be able to curse enemies that can't curse the affix on Expedition, but it doesn't trigger explosions, which makes me wonder if it's really fixed
Had considerable loss of performance after updating. Game just crashed entering the Rogue harbour, maps taking way longer to load and very deteriorated performance in general. I use DX12, tried changing to Vulkan to compare and it is even worse.
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Same for me. Lots of performance issues. Game crashes when entering portals about 25% of the time.
game is giving me a real hard time when it was completely perfect before the patch...my pc is 3 week old and i was getting 175 fps before patch....same setting directly after patch I cant even sustain 60 fps on low...what a improvement

- I think we need you guys to fix the fix kind of deal :D
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I am having massive performance issues also. 180fps before patch I can barely maintain 40fps. Please fix or provide workaround game is unplayable.
Getting really long load screens for maps after this patch.
Oh, what an unpleasant surprise. Massive performance loss. The patch also introduced a lot of stuttering. Walking around in an empty hideout is like a slideshow.

My i7-12700 is permanently at about 12-14% with "very high" power consumption while standing idle in the hideout.

And the in-game performance metrics for CPU look like an earthquake is being recorded by a seismograph. Was more flat line like while standing around idle, before the patch.

Edit: Performance ranking. Vulkan renderer performs worst, DX11 slightly better. DX12 is the best of all 3, but still bad.
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Ever since I started playing PoE, my performance and fps were always more or less adequate to my hardware (which means no configuration issues and no burned out hardware, right?). But with this patch, you guys finally managed to get to me too, lol.

Got client crashing soon after entering new map for the first time after starting client (hotloading of assets?). Usually can return to instance fine after restarting, but this is hardly pleasant, considering your game is already not very optimized for its resulting graphics quality compared to streamlined engines like UE or Unity.

I understand that maintaining a 10-year old engine all by yourselves is quite a chore, and written in C++ at that (judging by some of your reveals), and that massively increased loading times may be intentional, but really hope you won't leave things like they are now and fix this further.

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