3.18.1c Patch Notes

Disabling engine multithreading fixed all the stuttering issues for me. Super smooth 120 fps without that.
Load screens 2-3x as long, 1s lag when first popping influence mobs on the map, juiced content is a slideshow.

Extensive testing has occurred.
Makes sense, thank you
I also noticed an increase in load time when entering areas. Been farming Uber Shaper for days and now it's takes much longer to enter the realm. Something to look at GGG :)

Still running on a 1Gbps - Cabled internet link, Ryzen 7 5800, RTX3060, 16Go and 500gb M.2 NVME drive.
the loading screen is 3-5 longer ... please turn it back as it was ...
and yes, on the maps, the first packs start some kind of strong lags and the frame time flies into space
please rollback this patch...yes it saves 1-2gb of ram but makes the game unplayable...
I want to do 40\40 and I have to run a lot of maps for this, and with such a load it's just disgusting.
Please revert this patch, this is hardly playable, performance suffered a lot.
Please undo whatever you did.
Sounds like this new patch added a new feature that makes the game unplayable.
GGG is staying consistent at least, Archnemisis mod's made it so the game wasnt fun anymore, and now they hose the performance. Ive already uninstalled this game about a month ago, i come on here to see if they removed AN entirely, but all i keep seeing is stuff that the player base is not asking for, oh well, game was fun while it was good, now it's just a dumpster fire.
Please revert, stuttering is insistent and there is no fix for this.
the performance is really really horible. Juiced content is unplayable and the loading times are x5 times longer,textures flicker etc...how can a patch this late in the league break so many stuff

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