3.18.1 Patch Notes

Slick3152 wrote:
Please at least give us a chance on the Atlas tree to not have Archnemesis monsters next league. I have spent a lot of money on this game and have no desire to play it with AN monsters in every aspect of the game. Don't make them permanent, please.
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I am done as well, dealing with all the new mob modifiers in the normal game and maps is bad enough, but delving has become impossible to play because of density and modifiers. I haven't been one shot this many times in delving since the last time you adjusted damage to fix the one shot mechanics some of the mobs had. Delving is one of the parts of game I really enjoy and the new modifiers have ruined it for me. So i am out till next season unless you leave all the modifiers permanent then I am out for good.
haha. when was this gonna happen?
that fking magma and crystal skinned always kills me. which innoying mind create this?

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